Dennou Coil [BD JP, 1080p, x264 10-bit, AAC 5.1] [DEXA]

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Series (!)Dennou Coil
Comment# Dennou Coil![Dennou Coil](**English Title:** Den-noh Coil; Cyber Coil**Type:** TV Series, 26 episodes**Year:** 12.05.2007 till 01.12.2007**Tags:** elementary school, new, school life, science fiction, tragedy, virtual world**Link:** [AniDB]( this future, a mobile phone like technology has people wear special visors to superimpose coordinated, instant virtual images over the top of their everyday real world. This cyberspace layer, space, interacts perfectly as you move about or touch things. It even allows children to have advanced Tamagotchi style cyberpets (very tidy!), or to make video calls using simple hand gestures alone.However, something is happening in Daikoku which the adults have not yet noticed. Cyberpets go missing, dangerous spherical robots patrol the skies and a mysterious gigantic character named Satchii seems connected to it all.When 6th grader Yasako moves to Daikoku to be with family, her beloved pet goes missing too, and she is drawn into the affairs of a Cyberpet Recovery Agency run by the local children.---About this release:**Group:** Deus EX Anima [DEXA]**Source:** retail Japanese BluRay box-set**Video:** 1080p, x264 10-bit, CRF18**Audio:** Japanese, AAC-LC, 5.1, Q=0.8**Subtitle 1:** English (slightly modified ureshii, Coalgirls), ASS**Subtitle 2:** Hungarian (by Robertson aka DEXA), ASS**Chapters:** Yes---Comments about this release:+ Quite high video bitrate even with CRF18+ English subtitles needed a lot of additional work, because the original release by ureshii had hardcoded subtitles for the signs. And the series has lots of signs---Seed speeds are slow. Very slow. Bear with it. Please seed this as long as you can, as I won’t be able to seed this for long.
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05/12/2018 22:59 — Anonymous
Would be nice if this release was fetched.
15/12/2018 05:15 — Anonymous
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