[DeadFish] Aikatsu Friends! - 58 [720p][AAC].mp4

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Date Submitted26/05/2019 21:59
Series (!)Aikatsu Friends!
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File Name (Size)[DeadFish] Aikatsu Friends! - 58 [720p][AAC].mp4 (734.3 MB)
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13 comment(s):
26/05/2019 22:15 — Anonymous
Not sure why the files are always larger or exactly why viewing their version is a better viewing experience for me but I have been waiting for it.
26/05/2019 22:42 — Anonymous
Hardsubs are easier for a machine to process.  Instead of three simultaneous processes being run and synchronized (subs, audio, video) there are only two, audio and video.  On some machines, this may aid clarity.  As to size, it's a small difference but compressing a sub already in the video image is less efficient than rendering on the fly and overlaying on the video.  So hardsubs are a little bigger, like 5mb.

On the negative, hardsubs alter the video data and introduce some permanent distortions.  Not much though.
27/05/2019 05:28 — Anonymous
I find that mp4 has better audio, which is a big plus for idol shows like this. I also find that mkv has better video, which is a big plus for cg dancing performances. I generally go with the mkv with this show. Overall I agree it's about your own viewing experience that should be your guide.
27/05/2019 11:50 — John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
.mp4 and .mkv are just containers.
The container has nothing to do with the quality of the video or the audio contained inside.
The quality of the video and audio is determined by whoever made the encode/remux etc.
I can take an .mp4 and swap it into a .mkv container and it will look an sound the same.
28/05/2019 06:01 — Anonymous
The file size will give an indication of if the quality has been altered. A 720p mp4 at 200MB will not have the same quality as an 720p mp4 at 700MB of the same show if done properly. I have encountered butchered 720p That are just increased in size in a way that just increases the size of the distortions, much like viewing a streaming video meant for small mobile screens on a 65in TV.
27/05/2019 06:11 — Anonymous
They are larger because probably Dead fish gives the encode more bit rate to prevent artifacts.
27/05/2019 06:45 — Anonymous
That sounds good. I wonder if we will ever get 1080p or BD versions.
28/05/2019 18:40 — Anonymous
Max volume can be a bit of a problem in music performance themed anime. Audio cards are quite limited in performance and TV screens have sacrificed audio quality for making the speakers invisible. It's sometimes quite startling when after watching this show with volume turned to max thru external amp PC speakers, I start watching an old flv or avi anime episode and my ears get blasted off till I turn the volume down. Even mkv and mp4 from a few years ago have more volume and quality. I wonder what choices are being made with new programs that cause this to occur.
28/05/2019 19:10 — Anonymous
With more shows coming out in 5.1 audio they sound bad when playing back on a 2.0 or 2.1 speaker system because of improper mixing on playback.
If the older stuff has 2 channel audio it's a better match for PC speakers than 5.1.
I usually notice heavy sometimes distorted bass and lousy mid range volume with 5.1 on PC speakers.
29/05/2019 01:30 — Anonymous
Dynamic range support.
29/05/2019 12:38 *admin
By 'volume' are you referring to the difference between loud and quiet sounds?
Music produced in the last few decades often have their dynamics compressed. I find many TV broadcasts do something similar, perhaps to reduce loudness variations across programs/ads, whereas movies in cinema often avoid this.
There may also be a case of the medium it's sourced from (TV/web/DVD/BD) being mastered differently, and also what the encoder decides to do (e.g. volume normalization), which can affect the volume level you get.
29/05/2019 16:39 — Anonymous
PC audio cards are weak compared to video cards. Even amplified speaker systems with a sub woofer are quite limited. Video cards can do more thru hdmi and new connections to TVs. Some releases have poor audio. The K-On! movie sub releases had terrible audio. This series has been a bit weak since ep 1, in comparison to previous Aikatsu series releases. Still light years ahead ahead of K-On! movie.
28/05/2019 22:11 — Anonymous
5.1 has been around since the 1970s. While PCs and TVs have that capability and the software includes drivers for it, it mostly goes unused without a proper 6 speaker set up for all six channels. Default is generally set to convert 5.1 audio to 2 channel stereo if that is all the file contains. Often selecting surround sound with digital audio bypasses default.
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