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Date Submitted17/04/2019 09:26
Series (!)Aikatsu Friends!
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50 comment(s):
17/04/2019 18:49 — Anonymous
Make more Aikatsu friends at fan sites that google will help you find. Fans at these sites often meet there to form groups that make fan subs. A few of these are Mezashite, Bluestone Aikatsu, and Ice Crown. Japanese sites that promote the show are nice and google translate does an ok job. Hope you are enjoying season 2 like I am. Big thanks to all fans who make these subs possible.
17/04/2019 19:20 — Anonymous
A Klingon, answering a question no one asked.
17/04/2019 19:30 — Anonymous
Some retard who think this is a star trek anime. Hello Forrest.
17/04/2019 19:41 — Anonymous
Oh my little confused one, this is not the language of Klingon.
17/04/2019 19:46 — Anonymous
It's that guy that hates a character in Animal House and calls everyone fags from the Mezashite thread. Must have been banned from 4chan.
17/04/2019 20:27 — Anonymous
You don't know anything that's fact. I'm the that calls you the Butarski~Icehole fags, I don't call those that don't refer to Butarski~Icehole fan sites fags. I'm also not the guy who talks about Klingons.  Just so you know I don't hang out on that cesspool called 4chan and never was banned from there.
17/04/2019 20:35 — Anonymous
Your that closet LGBTQ guy. Take pride in your DNA.
17/04/2019 20:52 — Anonymous
Claiming that being the gay bashing Animal House hating troll is somehow superior to being the anal Star Trek obsessed troll gives everyone a nice pretty picture of who you are. It's also a big plus that you are a troll who is far superior to those at 4chan.
18/04/2019 13:33 — John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
I don't think anyone is buying what you are selling.
I see people trolling spam posts and guess what? It's working.
18/04/2019 20:21 — Anonymous
I don't think your definition of spam, based on hate for a group that wants nothing to do with you, is relevant to this board. Evidence is quite strikingly obvious. Your constant relentless attacks contain the exact elements of what you claim to be upset about. Your actions here, make it abundantly clear why no legit fan group would want you as a member. You will either grow out of your foolishness or die and no one will give one tiny little shit. It's working, just not in the way you think.
18/04/2019 21:23 — Anonymous
You are a special kinda retard. That person has 2 posts in this thread and none of them have anything to do with what you are saying. Since when did 2 posts become "constant relentless attacks"?
18/04/2019 21:32 — Anonymous
When did calling yourself John_Doe make you a different person? Trolls never do that?
18/04/2019 22:02 — Blutarski~Icehole
I'm not that person and that is a real account unlike this one that has italics in the name. You seem to think there is just 2 people here. Like I said you are a special kinda retard.
18/04/2019 22:41 — Anonymous
Keep digging, it's fun to watch.
18/04/2019 22:46 — Blutarski~Icehole
18/04/2019 23:26 — Anonymous
Nice try troll. New tricks to you are the same old troll tactics to everyone else.
19/04/2019 11:50 *John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
Not sure what you are on about but I'm not the one that posted that pic. If you think there is only one anon other than yourself posting in this thread you really are fooling yourself.
I don't watch Aikatsu so I don't care one way or the other about it.
I suspect it is that person who said every time you posted they would be around or something like that.
I call it spam because you post the same tripe every time a new release is made and the reactions that follow you bring on yourself.
You remind me of annoying pop up ads because every time a new ep comes out you pop up and trash the threads.
19/04/2019 19:14 — Anonymous
You never post comments as Anonymous or under another tag? Tell us another fairy tail.
19/04/2019 19:18 — Anon 10032
He never said that he never post comments as Anonymous or under another tag.
Again, "If you think there is only one anon other than yourself posting in this thread you really are fooling yourself."
19/04/2019 19:57 — Anon 10033
Treat everyone you disagree with as only one person while claiming loudly and repeatedly you are legion? Amusing.
19/04/2019 20:07 — Anonymous
"I don't watch Aikatsu so I don't care one way or the other about it."

Odd statement from someone that clearly cares very much about these fan sites
19/04/2019 22:46 — Anonymous
Not odd, just typical troll behavior.
19/04/2019 20:30 — Anonymous
"I call it spam because you post the same tripe every time a new release is made and the reactions that follow you bring on yourself."

1)Thanking fans, sub-groups, and fan sites for an anime.
2)Helping fans gather together to discuss an anime.

You who, "I don't watch Aikatsu so I don't care one way or the other about it.", see these 2 things as a bad?

You see a fan helping fellow fans to get together as trashing a series?
You see yourself as a non-fan attacking that fan as virtuous?
19/04/2019 21:01 — Anonymous
You are more right than you think. This assclown is trying to make everyone think there is only 1 anon here while he is probably the one posting thanks, I found the site etc. He may have one of his buddies from his fan site adding in.
I really doubt those are new fans that just happened to think, gee I want to join a fan club, I'll go to AnimeTosho to look for a fan site...... I'm not believing it and I doubt others do. The show rates poorly on MAL and aniDB and most people that follow it are already on a fan site or don't care to join one.
19/04/2019 21:29 — Anonymous
How a show rates on MAL or AniDB and what their fans who visit here choose to do really has little to due with the things that keep shows alive in Japan. The Aikatsu series of shows and those with similar themes are popular money makers.
Attacks based on the terms 'pedo' or 'fags' frequently expressed here against Aikatsu by trolls that claim to be attacking "spam" is something most children outgrow.
I wish some of my favorite one or two season shows had the fans and made the money this one does, so they could also continue for hundreds of episodes.
19/04/2019 22:29 — Anonymous
You need to read better, I only see those terms being used for Bluestone and Ice Crown. I haven't seen either of those terms used for [Mezashite] or any other fan site.
19/04/2019 22:51 — Anonymous
Sorry you missed (ignored) the attacks in Aikatsu threads on this site based on the words pedo and fag. You also missed (ignored) that they were attacking Aikatsu and all of its fans.
19/04/2019 23:15 — Anonymous
I recall the term fag several times and it had Blutarski and/or Icehole in front of it. That is an "attack" on certain sites, not Aikatsu or fans who are not members of those sites. If you call it an attack on those not associated with those sites it's prolly because you are a member and deflecting. I vaguely remember someone used pedo but don't recall the context of that one.
19/04/2019 23:26 — Anonymous
The posts are still here. You should have read them before you responded. Rose colored glasses or something like that.
20/04/2019 00:48 — Anonymous
If you want to prove your point provide a link to a screenshot or something. I'm not going to reread all the posts looking for a particular one that you want to point out.
20/04/2019 01:12 — Anonymous
If you don't have a clue what you are talking about and don't care that you are ignorant that's your own personal problem. It's the same ignorant arrogance demonstrated by spouting "fags", "peso", and "spam".
Thanks for proving my point with your response.
20/04/2019 01:58 — Anonymous
I am not the anon you are replying to but I agree with them, show your proof. Otherwise you could be the one that has no clue and could either be making it up or misreading what was said and bending it to your POV.
20/04/2019 02:01 — Anonymous
Hello Ron Obvious.
18/04/2019 03:45 — Anonymous
go back to /pol/
17/04/2019 22:16 — Anonymous
Wait til this gets spammed all over the internet, enjoy it boys, you earned by spamming here.
17/04/2019 23:13 — Anonymous
You must really hate Aikatsu fans to troll to such an extent of making a fake web site image. You fave indeed proved you are a master at spewing hate thru trolling.
17/04/2019 23:43 — Anonymous
Our troll took almost 2 hours to visit a fan site that banned him, take a screen capture, and alter it so it is filled with his hate filled homophobic rage. This troll has a lot of free time on his hands and an obvious huge grudge against the Aikatsu community.

Here is a link to the real page before he altered it.

and the home page
18/04/2019 00:39 — Anonymous
Thanks. Found this Aikatsu Friends! site under affiliates on the Bluestone page.

18/04/2019 00:45 — Anonymous
17/04/2019 23:54 — Anonymous
U sure has put a looot of effort into that photo!!!
18/04/2019 00:01 — Anonymous
This child really thinks his little photo shop prank is going to cause people from all over the world to attack Aikatsu as being a show for those fans he labels "fags"?

p.s. I am sure he will post it in future threads to prove how clever he is to everyone.
18/04/2019 12:14 — Anonymous
It's actually pretty clever. From my point of view and from what was written they aren't attacking the show itself, just the spammers of their fan sites.

P.S. I am sure that you are dumb enough to post in future threads to give them an opportunity to post it here again, proving to everyone how dumb you are.
18/04/2019 13:27 *John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
I'll agree with that. There are only 2 fan groups mentioned, I don't see [Mezashite] or any other fan sites mentioned in that pic.
18/04/2019 20:01 — Anonymous
It really is a retarded individual who thinks a bit of photo shop will turn the world against Aikatsu. His repeated pats on the back here, are as transparent as they are irrelevant to Aikatsu fans. His trying to explain the deep significance of his work of artistic genius has tickled my funny bone.
18/04/2019 04:34 — Anonymous
Had my laugh for the day
18/04/2019 10:17 — Anonymous
Thats pretty good. I know a few places I will post that on and help spread the love. Keep up the faith.
18/04/2019 11:11 — Anonymous
Meme Wars! I'll predict right now that you will win.
I'll start posting it to other servers and my FB page.
18/04/2019 20:03 — Anonymous
Nice gang of one ya got going there mate.
18/04/2019 14:47 — Anonymous
Well played sir. Well played!
18/04/2019 11:28 — Anonymous
Smells like tard here.
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