[DameDesuYo] Shingeki no Kyojin (Season 3 Part 2) - 54 (1280x720 10bit AAC) [BE9E986C].mkv

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Date Submitted26/05/2019 18:34
SeriesShingeki no Kyojin Season 3 (2019) - Episode 5 (of 10): Hero
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Article (!)Shingeki no Kyojin (Season 3 Part 2) 54v0
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File Name (Size)[DameDesuYo] Shingeki no Kyojin (Season 3 Part 2) - 54 (1280x720 10bit AAC) [BE9E986C].mkv (708.3 MB)
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21 comment(s):
26/05/2019 20:21 — Anonymous
Subs are missing for much of the rip.
26/05/2019 20:26 — Anonymous
Really? out of 49 comments on original nyaa pgae, haven't seen any complains about the subs
26/05/2019 20:33 — Gurphy_TC
Moderator    Invisible Avatar - Patent Pending
I've done a random run-though, didn't see a problem.

What player do you use?  A slower computer may drop subs.
26/05/2019 20:52 — Anonymous
If your PC is working fine for everything else then it is possible either your video player and / or your graphics driver need updates.
A streaming site would bypass your player, but it is often difficult to know which subs were fetched.
27/05/2019 06:56 — Anonymous
I upgrade most of my software once a month or so. Had the same problems you did fixed by updating a player that I had skipped for way to many months. Getting a better player and keeping it updated is also an option.
27/05/2019 07:03 — Anonymous
mpv is what every fansubber recommends, for good reason.

VLC renders various typesetting and kfx wrong or very slowly and breaks on Hi444PP content entirely. MPC-HC is officially dead, besides some minor somewhat unofficial github updates, but no big feature updates. All the MPC-HC codec packs died off years ago too, besides being entirely unnecessary since MPC-HC worked pretty much out of the box for many years before it's death, but yeah RIP KCP, CCCP, and K-Lite.
27/05/2019 07:33 — Anonymous
The only downside I hear is that mpv requires typed multi key strings to activate basic functions. There is an app available for mpv however that applies a user interface that is similar to its competitors.
27/05/2019 21:27 — Anonymous
Those are dead only in ur mind.
he he he
27/05/2019 21:31 — Anonymous
don't be a delusional fruitcake. they're dead.
27/05/2019 21:37 — Anonymous
Nope. Stop spreading FUD.
27/05/2019 23:03 — Anonymous
Try harder ;)
27/05/2019 23:13 — Anonymous
ok you unemployed tech bums, the OP is long gone.  Go do your chores or hit the books!
28/05/2019 09:06 — Anonymous
K-Lite Mega that includes MPC-HC is no longer updated for win XP.
It still receives monthly major updates and minor ones in between for newer OS. I find it plays all my old stuff and all my new stuff. This is something that players that came with many PCs I have purchased over the years fail to do even with the recommended fixes.
mpv might be very capable, however I am not ready to replace the ease of use of what I am used to with a keyboard plucking interface.
28/05/2019 17:23 — Anonymous
Because win XP is dead.
In fact nothing and no one, even Microsoft, supports win XP anymore.
28/05/2019 17:39 — Anonymous
MPC-HC is alive and well.
Yes Xp is not supported. Can still be loaded to old machines thru disc that came with them. Basically free computers for the asking to use as you wish. When it crashes just like it did when new, u just reload it with the disc. Hard to believe, but some simple minded systems like automated tellers around the world still use it.
28/05/2019 17:42 — Anonymous
"Hard to believe, but some simple minded systems like automated tellers around the world still use it."
That's right. There are still some.
28/05/2019 17:45 — Anonymous
Windows 10 is a slow moving zombie looking for brains.
28/05/2019 18:00 — Anonymous
Yes, but its programs for trimming your nose hair and wiping your bum for you are updated hourly.
28/05/2019 18:21 — Anonymous
and only 47 tragic fatalities so far.  All closed-casket funerals...
29/05/2019 01:16 — Anonymous
Linux is fast and free.
29/05/2019 02:08 — Anonymous
I like linux, but it doesn't have the specialty software I need and an emulator is too slow.  Life.
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