[Commie] Monogatari Series Second Season - Volume 3 [BD 1080p AAC]

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Date Submitted06/02/2014 18:29
Series (!)Monogatari Series: Second Season
Article (!)Monogatari Series Second Season BD Volume 3
660.5 MB
724.4 MB
106.7 MB

31 comment(s):
01/03/2014 06:24 — Anon123
can you give davvas or billionupload links for
Commie's monogatari second season release of all 3 volumes 1080p version.
01/03/2014 08:42 — Tibb
Yeah, I downloaded the episodes, I'll post them sometime tomorrow (hopefully).
I want to go to bed before it hits 4am, you see....
01/03/2014 08:10 *Anonymouse
01/03/2014 08:26 — An-chan
200GB+ of download........
seriously you gonna download this  much..
or r u just harassing Tibb
01/03/2014 08:28 — zooby
None of those were fetched, so this might be real. I think this guy commented before, but I can't recall.
01/03/2014 08:32 *Anonymouse
I download all.

Mercer ask for more than this and tibb do.
01/03/2014 08:42 *Tibb
SMC sailor moon - No. Can't download/Doesn't exist.
RUELL Tengen - 1 seeder is putting me off, but I'll add and sees that happens. Can't say when it will finish though.
RUELL Fate zero - No seeders.
Fate Zero 1080p -Yes.
DHD Yu - No. Might as well give it a try... I guess.

I added these to yukinoshita.eu torrent, I wont give any estimates, but I'll post once they're done or so.
EDIT: I'll give each a week, if it doesn't finish by then, I'll remove it.
01/03/2014 21:22 — Anonymouse
No, I don't want Yu Yu Hakusho now. I edit it out of my post.

thank for Btooom and Fate Zero.

can you try to add smc Sailor moon dubs?
L 02/03/2014 04:07 *Tibb
Okay, yeah I added those to the queue.
If you didn't know CBM and the Fate Zero is done.
http://www.yukinoshita.eu/yukinon/ddl/...BD 1080p]/
Ruell Tengen should be done within the next 4-12 hours

The SMC should be done within the next 24 hrs.
02/03/2014 04:50 — zooby
Holy moly. Just how much can your server handle??
02/03/2014 05:01 *Tibb
Not enough :P Makes me wish I bought one with a larger capacity at the rate I'm going....
I'm about half-filled, so around 500GB remaining.
02/03/2014 05:33 *zooby
Half filled.... whoa.

Where is the rules post you made about requests btw?

Is it this?
02/03/2014 05:43 *Tibb
If I wasn't being a busy body this weekend, I would of created the default webpage on yukinoshita.eu that has a FAQ, but I never got to it.

That reminds me though, I updated it - now I do fetch 1080p stuff minus HS ones.
L 03/03/2014 00:20 — Tibb
The Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is done, so is the SMC Sailor Moon.
http://www.yukinoshita.eu/yukinon/ddl/...nn (720p)/
http://www.yukinoshita.eu/yukinon/ddl/...glish Dub/
http://www.yukinoshita.eu/yukinon/ddl/...glish Dub/

@Johnny - bleach is about two fifths done.
03/03/2014 04:01 — Anonymouse
Arigatou Tibb-sama
02/03/2014 03:27 — Johnny
Tibb! You're taking anime requests???

Could you do this Bleach torrent?

Dual Audio for 242 episodes that can't be found anywhere else.
02/03/2014 04:09 — Tibb
I added it, but can't say when it will be done.
L 03/03/2014 23:24 — Tibb
The torrent finished and you can now download it from here
04/03/2014 07:31 — Johnny
Many thanks for this.

Could you add episodes from this torrent from season 13 +?

Or can your server only fetch full torrents?
05/03/2014 17:11 — Tibb
Yes it's been added and available in the same link above.
08/03/2014 20:36 *Johnny
Thank you Tibb. Are you able to upload splits to your server? like .001, .002?
08/03/2014 21:47 *Tibb
Well, so far the only way data can be added to the server is by torrent or through FTP.

I can always manually archive/split files or even set up a script to do it.

I dont want to do this though, this will drain my storage space, and if I keep the splits/archives and delete the original file I'm sure some users wouldn't like that.

Linux has the built-in function to split files - split - and there is also - cat -  to merge files together.
another way of doing this is adding p7zip / rar functions to the system.
For p7zip (which I have installed)
you can use a command similar to this:
7z - the function
a = add to archive
-p = password
-t = Type or archive (I use 7z here [it's also the default])
-mx = The level of compression - 0 is no compression and 9 is max compression
-v = The max volume size for the parts (don't forget to specify what type![kilo,mega,giga])
ARCHNAME = simply the name of the output archive you want.
FILE/DIR = It's the file/directory you want archived/encrypted.

You can find more info on any of these functions in the man pages.
08/03/2014 22:59 — Johnny
My last request for a long time. Could you use your server to fetch Kara no Kyoukai? (all but 5 & 7)

And put Kara no Kyoukai 5 & 7 on Turbobit, Netload.in, or Firedrive with 1.5 GB splits?

My connection sometimes times out for long periods of time. I try not to get files larger than 2 GB at one time.
09/03/2014 00:35 — Tibb
Sure, I added it.
Question - have you ever tried downloading through a download manager? Such as IDM or JDownloader 2 (Beta)?
A nice thing about a download manager is the ability to pause and resume downloads. This will work for my site too.
So if your connection does time out, it will auto-resume when it can and continue downloading from where it stopped at.
You might see a speed increase too.
09/03/2014 01:06 — Johnny
I've gotten corrupted downloads from anonfiles, mega, and putlocker when I tried to resume in JD and JD2. It does not happen all the time, but when I time out for a while and try to restart, this has happened to me maybe 1 out of 4 times.

This is why I prefer around 1.5 or 2 GB split archives for some bigger files. I'll figure it out. Thanks for the tip.
09/03/2014 03:00 — admin
You may find that those services don't work that well with download resuming with the stuff that they do (eg session tokens), so resuming could should work better from Tibb's server.

Theoretically, you could do your own splitting (HTTP ranged requests) though I'm not sure if any downloader out there gives you that option.
Another thing that may work (have never tried this) is to use the torrent to verify the download, and if only a small piece is corrupted, try adding a web seed to fetch the remaining piece.
09/03/2014 03:30 — Johnny
It sounds simpler to have Tibb upload split archives, but that would take time and effort for him. I will try resuming via his server.
09/03/2014 03:32 — Johnny
By the way, what are these functions for?
7z - the function
a = add to archive
-p = password
09/03/2014 06:03 *Tibb
If you ever end up using some form of unix/linux disto you'll quickly become familiar with the command line.
It's similar to Windows Command Prompt, but x10000 more useful and powerful.
Basically you can input that line and then it will create an archive (a 7z file) based on the parameters you set.

I was just offering up more info on the subject for those who like to learn about it. =)
(even though they likely wont remember it)
09/03/2014 06:22 — Johnny
oh ok

someone else requested this https://animetosho.org/view/ruell-next...20p.724364
so maybe you guys could push that instead of putting it on your server?
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