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Date Submitted09/10/2014 16:56
Series (!)Rinne no Lagrange: Flower Declaration of Your Heart

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09/10/2014 18:09 — Anonymous
Wow!  I want it.  But how to get it...

One partial torrent a week for a month?

This is gonna be tough...

Thanks for all your hard work admin, Tibb, and other dl providers...
09/10/2014 23:38 — Anonymous
I haven't watched this yet. I used to watch shows every day of the week it comes out but after a few years I started to transition to waiting for the full BD batch. Is this worth the near 100gb in 1080p? I read some reviews and the synopsis on MAL but still on the fence and need a push in either direction.  I heard the art and such was great as well [but with the diff between 1080vs720? here?], but 100gb no matter if I have a 100tb is still a bit hard to swallow without justification. Appreciate the input, have a good one folks
11/10/2014 21:50 — Tibb
You can find this on yukinoshita.
10/10/2014 01:14 — Anonymous
Both the 1080p and 720p [Coalgirls] versions of ep. 1-18 have been available in the past. The 1080p version is by far superior to the 720p.
L 31/05/2018 19:20 — MeH
Possibilities are endless ...
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