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Date Submitted15/11/2014 00:49
Series (!)Monogatari Series: Second Season
Article (!)Monogatari Season 2
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31 comment(s):
15/11/2014 02:31 — Shinobuislife
Requesting help from the service club!
15/11/2014 11:13 — Anonymous
15/11/2014 11:13 — AviShi
Could you fetch at least arcs 5 and 6 please
31/12/2014 17:49 — Anonymous
can someone upload all Episodes complete and put this in 7-Zip?
I saw on Jheberg that you can download about 50GB, that's cool for people, who don't want to download each single file

thanks guys
31/12/2014 22:57 — rdruffy
Commenting because I like my avatar picture, meow!
With torrent, you don't have to download each single file, your torrent client do it for you.
04/01/2015 16:19 — Anonymous
torrent is not so safe and with jheberg/1fichier you can upload a file up to 50gb in a 7-zip file,
this is faster and safer as torrent, at least this is my opinion,
but thanks for helping us not only me

L 05/01/2015 19:12 — Tibb
Don't expect me to do this for anything else, it's a pain to do.
02/02/2015 07:54 — Anonymous
thank you tibb
01/01/2015 00:14 — Anonymous
jdownloader2 can take the tedium out of getting dl links for multiple files.
L 05/01/2015 19:11 — Tibb
Arc 01 Nekomonogatari Shiro


Arc 02 Kabukimonogatari


Arc 03 Otorimonogatari

Arc 04 Onimonogatari


Arc 05 Koimonogatari


Arc 06 Hanamonogatari


Commentary upon request.
29/01/2015 18:33 — Anim_98
hello guys can you help me?

I'm searching for the Monogatari Series Second Season with 26 Episodes, but what I see here is something else or different.
instead of 26 Episodes, there are 28 Episodes.
as I know Nekomonogatari,Hanamonogatari and Tsukimonogatari are specials and don't belong to the Monogatari Series second season

what I searching is this here
Tsubasa Tiger Ep1-5, Summary One Ep6, Mayoi Jiangshi Ep7-10, Summary Two Ep11, Nadeko Medusa Ep12-15, Summary Three Ep16,
Shinobu Time Ep17-20, Hitagi End 21-26.

thank you for helping me guys
29/01/2015 18:37 — Retro_48
yeah this guy is absolutely right, I was wondering too.
this here is the original Monogatari Series Second Season from horriblesubs here is the link https://animetosho.org/view/complete-m...es.n565414
29/01/2015 18:56 — Anonymous
search for this on this site, Monogatari Series Second Season [BD 1080p] its the the forth result, the one with n581847 at the end of the url, it has episode 1-26 (without Hanamonogatari) including the 3 recaps
29/01/2015 19:14 — Anim_98
not bad, but there are to many different uploader (commie, Rush_job), that's not so good,
"too bad", I like horriblesubs, but there is only a 720p Version and not a 1080p version.

maybe Tibb can help
29/01/2015 21:43 — Anim_98
hello tibb can you help me to find this? the others here said, I should ask you.

30/01/2015 02:27 — Tibb
I cannot help you.

HorribleSubs only released 720p, it wasn't even from Crunchy, some fansubbers got together and released it under the HorribleSubs name. This was because Crunchy was weeks behind in terms of airing episodes. So it would be different from the traditional HorribleSubs releases.
This is probably the best complete version. It looks like it is using modified official subs, if you care about that.
29/01/2015 21:41 — Anonymous
yeah you must ask Tibb or another admin, maybe they can help you
29/01/2015 21:47 — Anonymous
Episode numbers: Commie left out the recap eps and numbered the episodes without them.  Hence the difference.

Coalgirl loves this series and her efforts are definitive.
30/01/2015 10:37 — Boku_Sena
I'm not so sure about this. I watched to episodes of Nisemonongatari from Coalgirls
and the opening and ending was missing in each video.
I have the feeling they edited to much on the episodes and it can happen that there are missing scenes too. (not 100%sure)

I prefer complete episodes more than bluray, especially horriblesubs doing a really good job and
if the admins or Tibb are so kind, then maybe they can give us the links with jheberg.
30/01/2015 10:39 — Anonymous
you are wrong, episodes are complete, nothing is missing, you just don't know what you are doing....
30/01/2015 10:49 — Boku_Sena
I'm not wrong and I can prove it, choose one of these files and click them,
if you do, then you will see, that the running time is 21m 49sec instead of 24m
and as exactly Anim98 said, hanamonogatari don't belong in the monogatari second season series, it's a special and the summary Episodes 1-3 are missing too.

please don't misunderstand me, I don't want to say something bad about coalgirls, but I think it's ok, if I warn the guys before they download these episodes and then notice, that there are maybe missing parts, at least opening and ending are cutted in each episode and that my friend is true.
30/01/2015 10:59 — Anonymous
as i said, you don't know what you are doing, these files use ordered chapters, so you have to download the Openings and Endings seperately, see the files at the bottom, and place them in the same folder as the main episode files and use a player which supports playing oc files..... you are wrong :> i disproved your claim where is my 100 bucks

and once again you don't know what you are saying, hanamonoghatari belongs to Second Season as it is also Called Monogatari Series Second Season alpha and is part of the second season of the original Novels written by NisioisiN from which this anime is adapted.....
30/01/2015 11:01 — Anonymous
Monogatari Series Books: by Nisio Isin

Monogatari Series: First Season (Novel)
Vol.1-2: Bakemonogatari
Vol.3: Kizumonogatari
Vol.4-5: Nisemonogatari
Vol.6: Nekomonogatari: Kuro

Monogatari Series: Second Season (Novel)
Vol.1: Nekomonogatari: Shiro
Vol.2: Kabukimonogatari
Vol.3: Hanamonogatari
Vol.4: Otorimonogatari
Vol.5: Onimonogatari
Vol.6: Koimonogatari

Monogatari Series: Final Season (Novel)
Vol.1: Tsukimonogatari
Vol.2: Koyomimonogatari
Vol.3-5: Owarimonogatari
Vol.6: Zoku Owarimonogatari
30/01/2015 11:03 — Anonymous
Alternative Titles
Synonyms: Monogatari Series: Second Season +α
Japanese: 花物語
30/01/2015 12:30 — Boku_Sena
you have a good point about this, but I don't like it this way, if that is ok for you, then that's cool.
about hanamonogatari your right it belongs in the plot (novel),
but  in the original  broadcast ver. there are 24 episodes (21 + 3 Summary) like Anim98 said.

I know this is maybe stupid to hear, but i like 24 Episodes better, than putting these files in Arcs.

30/01/2015 12:34 — Anonymous
no i understand what you are saying, i don't want to insult you or anything, just saying that these episodes are complete (although split in seperate files which you have to get all), and for the hanamonogatari thing, it was supposed to be broadcasted as part of the 23+recaps on tv, but since they only got 26 slots and not 28 they decided to fill in 3 recaps instead and release hana seperately later on since it plays later on the actual timeline of events, but it still is was and always will be a legitimate part of second season
30/01/2015 14:20 — Boku_Sena
no it's ok, actually it's really nice to talk with someone, who knows so much about Monogatari, but like I said I don't like this version here from coalgirls, complete or not.
It seems like, that I must live with the version, that I have from deadfish in 720p.
30/01/2015 14:29 — Anonymous
you could try this one, however i dont know if the links still work and it is a mixture of rushjob/commie but it has the 3 recaps, everything is bluray and no Hanamonogatari
30/01/2015 11:07 — Anonymous
In terms of video players, CCCP/MPC-HC supports Ordered Chapters playback.  VLC may or may not (it didn't used to).


Coalgirls edits nothing out of the shows.  Horrible provides broadcast versions which may be subject to broadcast censorship.  BD's are uncensored and sometimes have additional scenes and specials.

30/01/2015 11:14 — rdruffy
Commenting because I like my avatar picture, meow!
I like Katanagatari better.
30/01/2015 11:31 — Anonymous
well for me it is Monogatari Series > Katanagatari, but i like Katanagatari too, all storys written by NisioisiN which were turned into anime were good so far, even Medaka Box :<>
sadly noone adapted Zaregoto/Zerozaki/Ningen series so far 8(
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