Chobits[Virus123][Bluray][720p][Dual Audio]

This torrent has not been fetched due to skipping policy - please see source links for more information.
Source LinksTokyoTosho | Nyaa | Torrent Download | Magnet Link (9.015 GB)
Date Submitted07/02/2015 23:20
Series (!)Chobits

16 comment(s):
Q 08/02/2015 00:54 — Anonymous
Why does this get skipped? Why?! Please, any Mega, Userfiles, or Usercloud link would be nice. It's hard to find this one in good seed.
08/02/2015 01:29 — Anonymous
Spam of a 2011 torrent
Q 08/02/2015 03:07 — ash
Admin, if it's not too much trouble, could you please push this through?
Q 08/02/2015 12:16 — celiena
Could this please get fetched? Please? :)
08/02/2015 15:38 *Admin

the point of AT is to fetch new releases, it's not your personal link generator. stop spamming old torrents to tokyotosho and then spamming comments.
08/02/2015 18:02 — celiena
I'm sorry admin. I had no idea this was an old torrent. I donnot download torrents since the only active internet I got is from wifi, and the only other version with active links is the exhiled destiny version which isn't in hd.

I didn't mean to offend you, and I am truly sorry if I did. :(
08/02/2015 23:28 *Admin ~_~
>actually believing i'm the Admin

Epic lolz were had. ty

My point about old releases is still true though, but anyways since you made me laugh i'm feeling generous here is a link to download this (courtesy of Tibb)

08/02/2015 23:31 — ~_~
Damn link broke ~_~

After dll should be this

/Chobits[Virus123][Bluray][720p][Dual Audio]/

09/02/2015 04:28 — Tibb
fixed that link for you.

You can always use the HTML a tag for links (i.e. <a href="your link here"> Title<*/a>. Remove the * symbol to make the link work.
Q 09/02/2015 05:19 — celiena
Awesome. Thanks for the help. But for some reason I can't download from that link :(

Guess I'll have to stick with the other one I saw listed under chobbits. They Exiled destiny one.

Again, thank you for the assistance.
L 17/02/2015 06:20 — Tibb
08/02/2015 16:11 — Ueda
Already in Yukinoshita.
08/02/2015 18:04 — Anonymous
What's that? :/
Q 07/03/2015 20:32 — deejay_valtore
Can you please add this to solidfiles/userfiles aswell? It would be much appreciated. Thanks! :)
L 08/03/2015 04:21 — Tibb].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv].mkv


08/03/2015 07:34 — deejay_valtore
Much appreciated! Thank you very much :)
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