[Blood-Covenant] Sirius the Jaeger - 08 [44EE92BF].mkv

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Date Submitted01/09/2018 02:16
Series (!)Sirius the Jaeger - Episode 8 (of 12): The Sanctuary of Sirius
udp://tracker.leechers-paradise.org:6969S: 1L: 0C: 0U: 4d, 8hr, 52min ago
http://anidex.moe:6969/announceS: 1L: 0C: 0U: 66d, 7hr, 38min ago
udp://tracker.coppersurfer.tk:6969Scrape failedU: 4d, 1hr, 51min ago
udp://tracker.opentrackr.org:1337S: 1L: 0C: 0U: 5d, 44min ago
http://tracker.anirena.com:80/announceS: 1L: 0C: 126U: 41d, 7hr, 47min ago
http://t.nyaatracker.com:80/announceScrape failedU: 1d, 16hr, 49min ago
http://nyaa.tracker.wf:7777/announceScrape failedU: 198d, 21hr, 9min ago
File Name (Size)[Blood-Covenant] Sirius the Jaeger - 08 [44EE92BF].mkv (218.7 MB)
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SubtitlesAll Attachments | eng [ASS], enm [eng, ASS]

25 comment(s):
01/09/2018 02:46 — 7DeadlySiner
I'm impressed!!😜
01/09/2018 06:51 — Anonymous
You are impressed that the torrent account you created today was picked up here? You are impressed that every thing good said about this sub here is by you. You are impressed that your troll subs are still avoiding bans and blocks by all anime sites thanks to your brilliant efforts to screw the entire community?

I am impressed that you are thick as a brick. The giant brick of rejection the entire anime community has knocked you upside the head with!
02/09/2018 07:43 *Anonymous
I'm impressed
02/09/2018 21:36 — Anonymous
The [Blood-Covenant] account was removed from Nyaa and the Nyaa post that was a copy of this was deleted.
In order to trick you into downloading this troll sub, SH18HD or 7Deadlysiner or Astral have released episode 8 at multiple torrent sites under the tags [J-ANI], [RYO], Blood-Covenant], [Mikhail]. Most of the torrent accounts and fetched posts here are gone. If after all this obvious ban avoiding trolling fails to give you a hint, then download at your own risk.
01/09/2018 07:13 — Anonymous
You seem to be the same one flooding anime sites with 'Baki' troll subs.
02/09/2018 07:40 — Anonymous
Click AniDex. See uploader. Silly Wabbit!!
01/09/2018 02:48 — arga
01/09/2018 02:51 — Anonymous
No watermark!! I've checked whole video .
So stop spreading false info....
And thansk for the torrent..
01/09/2018 03:06 — Anonymous
Dialogue: 0,0:19:27.12,0:19:27.12,Default,,0,0,0,,{\fs30\pos(1128,32)}@Spring Animes 2018 HD

Yeah right you dud !
01/09/2018 03:29 — Anonymous
Check the start and end time they are same  idiot!!! It will not be shown anyway.
You are really dumbass I think who don't even know This. Same start time and end time 2nd 0sec durations.
Give this man a huge round of applause for his stupidity😅
01/09/2018 09:36 — Anonymous
It's not the watermark or tag on the video. It's partially the poor translations and primarily your ban and block avoidance behavior, that attempts to remove the anime fans ability to choose between you and another sub group. Post everything under your own tag [SA18HD] and torrent accounts named [SA18HD] so people know exactly what the are going to get.

Give the anime community true choice or GTFO.
01/09/2018 11:39 — Anonymous
They just like sitting back laughing at the upset fans comments, that's why they are as persistence as cockroaches.
01/09/2018 22:22 — Anonymous
It would be funny if these trolls were not so effective in ruining this series for many fans.
Many anime streaming sites with small staffs have little time to deal with complaints, review, removal, blocks, and replacement. Thus, there are quite a few who have all or most of these troll subs available for streaming. It takes a lot of effort to constantly stay  ahead of the changing TAGS and ensure only a legit sub is fetched.
Bad for the entire community. When they do this to a series you really love, I doubt you will still find it funny.
01/09/2018 03:00 — Troll Subs
They're back!  This is the same troll group that was deleted from nyaa just a couple of hours ago.
01/09/2018 03:34 — Anonymous
YEAH THE FASTEST AND best subs are back!!
01/09/2018 04:25 — Troll Subs
Fastest and best way to mental retardation. Reading your subs makes people dumber, especially if they understand English.
01/09/2018 03:59 — Anonymous
Blood-Covenant #1! Get Sum!
01/09/2018 06:38 — Anonymous
This is by 7Deadlysinner a.k.a. discord.gg/JQZyGRE a.k.a. SA18HD a.k.a. spring animes 2018 hd a.k.a. SP18HDfansub. Same group created [Blood-Covenant] torrent account with same troll sub at Nyaa. The Nyaa acount was deleted and the exact same post was deleted from here a few hours ago. (click [view all] next to latest comments)
In the previous post they pretended to be [MTBB]. The worst subs trying to convince us they are the best? GIANT FAIL.

Still trying new tricks to fool you into downloading this trash. Do yourself a favor and wait for a legit version.
01/09/2018 06:44 — Anonymous
The AniDex account created today just to post this troll sub claims ths has an alternate honorifics track like motbob. It does contain an alternate sub marked enm, however it isa a fake and just a duplicate of the default track. Just more of the same old bullshit.
01/09/2018 07:06 — Anonymous
Go to AniDex "7Deadlysiner" account and see all the alternate tags he created for his SA18HD troll subs. The majority of his efforts focus on blocking legit subs from being picked up by anime site fetching programs for 'Sirius the Jaeger'. This works because most staffs are small and the program stops looking for an episode after picking it up unless action is taken. As you can see he is also screwing with a few other series.

Help us track these also to warn other fans.
01/09/2018 07:47 — Anonymous
Yep, it's the same post removed from here and from Nyaa.
01/09/2018 15:57 — Anonymous
I downloaded this to see what all the hub-bub is about and as a USA born and raised 58 year old person I can say that the person/group that made these subs clearly does not understand the English language. These subs are toxic to anyone who really understands English. If you can't wait a few days for a proper release then you deserve what you get.
01/09/2018 16:54 — Anonymous
Good Subs. Fast Job Thanks.
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