[BB] Hunter x Hunter - Phantom Rouge [BDRip 720p AAC] [82A25B8C].mkv

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Date Submitted09/10/2017 21:15
Series (!)Gekijouban Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge - Complete Movie
http://anidex.moe:6969/announceS: 0L: 0C: 0U: 590d, 38min ago
File Name (Size)[BB] Hunter x Hunter - Phantom Rouge [BDRip 720p AAC] [82A25B8C].mkv (1.269 GB)
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21 comment(s):
Q 08/06/2019 03:48 — Anonymous
the password for direct download is wrong.
08/06/2019 04:43 *Gurphy_TC
Moderator    Invisible Avatar - Patent Pending
I just tried it and worked perfectly.

1. Install the latest version of 7-zip.  Anything else won't work.  https://www.7-zip.org/  
2. Choose the "save" option, not the open option to download
3. When both parts are done, click on part1 on your disk, copy/paste the password, follow directions

Make sure you chose to open it in a directory that is not far from root.

Variations of this will also work, but this is what I just did and got the movie.
08/06/2019 23:31 — Anonymous
WinRAR works too.
08/06/2019 23:55 — Anonymous
Free and Open software are recommended.
09/06/2019 00:01 — Anonymous
Yeah, like WinRAR is stealing your passwords etc...... /s
09/06/2019 04:07 — Anonymous
Trial only, you have to buy.
10/06/2019 12:19 — Anonymous
You don't have to buy. All it has is a nag screen to buy but it still works.
10/06/2019 14:44 — Anonymous
Hard pass.
10/06/2019 07:29 — Anonymous
It works. Thank you.
You're right, anything besides 7zip wouldn't work.
10/06/2019 14:48 — Anony
Not true. I don't have 7zip and have no problems using winrar.
10/06/2019 15:02 — Anonymous
are u sure?
10/06/2019 16:14 — Anonymous
Everything other than Gurphy is trolling.  No one in the universe wants to talk about zip tools. 7-zip is free with no ads and it's what AT uses.  And with password protected archives you need the tool that created it.

Leave these trolls to troll each other, if you haven't already.
11/06/2019 13:35 — Anonymous
Shut up already.
11/06/2019 14:07 *John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
I'd say you are the one that's trolling here.

Out of curiosity I downloaded the encrypted file and it worked just fine using WinRAR 5.70 and the password "https://animetosho.org/file/451178"

It has nothing to do with not wanting to talk about 7zip or any other freeware, it's all about facts and WinRAR works on it just fine.
11/06/2019 15:29 *Gurphy_TC
Moderator    Invisible Avatar - Patent Pending
It's interesting to hear it works for you.  What I hear from are all the users where Winrar and Winzip haven't worked for our Direct links, and that's been lots over the years, including this user.

I want to give advice that has the highest probability of success, and using the same tool to join and decrypt what was split and encrypted has the highest probability of success.

I actually have no interest in any zip tools.

It's not surprising that something that works for someone doesn't work for everyone given the state of pc's, but it's a common bias.  It's a fact that Winrar works for you, that's your fact.  Almost everything works for somebody, and almost nothing works for everybody is my fact.  I've seen lots of proof of that.

If the user had asked for info on zip tools instead of a fix, I wouldn't have responded to the question.
11/06/2019 16:20 — John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
Gurphy_TC, isn't it really the download link that is encrypted and not the actual file after you have downloaded it? Like using encrypted for torrent downloads so the ISP can't see what you are grabbing?
You are right about the hardware that is used. I have read the people saying that VLC won't play this or that and I don't have any problems with the files they are talking about. The only problem I have with VLC are the files that have 10 million lines of subtitle code and the subs just quit working.
11/06/2019 23:35 — Anonymous
As to your first question (about encrypted downloads),  yes.

Regarding everything else on this page about extracting files, I'm totally confused about what the problem is supposed to be.

I've been on AT for over 5 years and used winrar more than 10....In all that time I never encountered any "part-files" that winrar cannot join or extract regardless of the program that made them. Also never had any problem using/extracting AT pass-protected files with winrar.

Maybe it's user error, or lack of knowledge, or something unique to users' system that blocks the extraction of pass-protected files in particular programs...
12/06/2019 01:44 — Gurphy_TC
Moderator    Invisible Avatar - Patent Pending
The OP's problem has been fixed, so no problems.
11/06/2019 16:59 *Gurphy_TC
Moderator    Invisible Avatar - Patent Pending
There's encryption between you and the file host for the file hosts that support it for communication security, which is mostly all hosts now, I hope.  It used to be mostly none.  In that sense all downloads are encrypted.  

But the file itself is what has to be processed with a zip tool and password to extract, whether it's a wrapper or real.  The original reason for the encryption was to try to prolong the life of links at a time that lots of links were getting killed, especially Bleach and Naruto.  If someone or something clicks a link and finds a file it/they can't read, they move on is the theory.  Or, if someone scans the service they don't find a file that can be identified or opened without the password (at least, not easily).  And I don't think they can apply for dmca without specific file info on their forms.    

At this point, I think we can say the encryption worked very well until the provider shut us down.

There is also the adfly, bit-shorten way, but that provides a central target to crack, and no protection against ddl-services being scanned for contents.


I also was thinking of the VLC -444 example in the previous release.  Those who said it did work for them were right, and those who said it didn't work for them were right.
11/06/2019 17:15 — Anonymous
playing multi-part rar files on VLC2 was broken for awhile., not sure abt VLC3. Dziobas/RARPlayer/VLCRAAR was abandoned years ago.
11/06/2019 17:36 — Gurphy_TC
Moderator    Invisible Avatar - Patent Pending
I thought VLC's self sufficiency was common sense at the time of chaos in the field of video players.  But the chaos is diminished and now they are burdened with unnecessary work.
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