[ATS] World's End Harem (Shuumatsu no Harem) - 01 [720p].mp4

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Date Submitted30/09/2021 18:18
Series (!)Shuumatsu no Harem - Episode 1 (of 11): World of Women
http://anidex.moe:6969/announceS: 10L: 0C: 612U: 90d, 2hr, 45min ago
http://tracker.anirena.com:80/announceScrape failedU: 90d, 2hr, 29min ago
File Name (Size)[ATS] World's End Harem (Shuumatsu no Harem) - 01 [720p].mp4 (195.7 MB)
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18 comment(s):
30/09/2021 18:23 — Anonymous
The trash group releases another poor quality vid.
30/09/2021 18:37 — Anonymous
and you should stop posting shitty comments period.
30/09/2021 18:46 — Anonymous
This trash group has been sh*tting on the anime community for over 3 years now. We will never forget or stop reminding people, so I will ignore your advice, period.
30/09/2021 18:54 — Anonymous
ARE YOU SOME KIND OF CEO OR PRESIDENT OF ANIME COMMUNITY? ARE YOU A RETARD? OR A DICKHREAD? ADmin of sites has no problem it's someone giving you finger in your ass to comment hate comments here nobody does it anybody these days, people like you are real trash of this society get a life man enjoy it until lasts and spread postivity.
30/09/2021 18:59 — Anonymous
Go ask why Nyaa banned this group and the streaming sites that had to try to filter out this group's releases.. They deserve every bad comments they get.
I'd say you are the "real trash of this society" for defending this trashy group.
30/09/2021 19:06 — Anonymous
Hmm, so they are using AniDex now.
Most of releases are using Nyaa, so if majority of ppl uses nyaa then their rules and regulations cant be that hard to follow.

So why ATS get banned on Nyaa?
30/09/2021 18:56 — Anonymous
Point on this doll Where ATS touched you.
Seriously, you don't like, wait and go pay whatever subscription site this get's released on.
Saying that "we" wont stop reminding people. Of what? You don't say. Unless it's that you act like a spoiled child, maybe it's that. *shrugs*
30/09/2021 19:49 — Anonymous
I'm not the anon you are responding to but this group played the entire anime community for suckers over the years.
They were changing group tags and even used some that were legit group tags.
They did that so people and streaming sites would grab it and that caused streaming sites to set up filters to block the group because they didn't want this group's files.
So in answer to your question ATS bent over the anime community.
30/09/2021 20:45 — Anonymous
I still think this is a complete overreaction.
Each group uploads using an account with the groups name.
And for years we know that the 1st to release an ep was HS, now it's SP, that rip the tl from wherever they got the ep, and whoever releases next ripped from them and you continue that chain for the god knows how many people release the same video, in the same format, with the same subs.
Only a handful of groups (if that) actually do translation, and since those tend to take some time to release they, basically, never end up on streaming sites either way.
30/09/2021 18:57 — Anonymous
Probably some kids having fun running fansub.
You have to admit, they are putting lot of effort to keep up with their quality standards. :)
01/10/2021 17:12 — Anon
This group is terrible and I'll quit posting shitty comments when I no longer see this group here. This is the only group out of all the others that seems to be detested by so many people and there are legit reasons for it.
30/09/2021 19:20 — Aryma
so admin of ATS is still here fight anyone who shit about his group ?
30/09/2021 19:38 — Anonymous
Yes, it's only ATS group that refutes the "bad" comments. If they don't want to read bad comments here they should upload to 1337 or others places other than what this site scrapes.
They are using Anidex just so it will be picked up here, Anidex has low traffic unlike Nyaa.
ATS pulled a lot of crap on Nyaa and streaming sites like changing group tags (some of which were legit group tags), changing uploader accounts and other things to trick people into getting their junk files.
30/09/2021 21:15 — Anonymous
We compare the animetosho site and the ATS site. Of course we will choose animetosho, animetosho has no pop/ads nor does it need to go through page by page to download. His goal here is only to get animetosho visitors. Unfortunately only fools.
01/10/2021 00:18 — blah blah blah
Wow...then it wasn't just me that got to watch more crap from these guys.
I had flashbacks from the censoring from when i used to download porn on my dial up modem.
Just when you think they can't get worse   they do.
01/10/2021 02:00 — Anon
You would have to pay me to download stuff from this group and pay me even more to actually watch it.
15/10/2021 16:48 — Anonymous
Skip this trash sub and get the Hentai-Subs version
L 17/10/2021 11:08 — moszter
[桜都字幕组] 终末的后宫 / Shuumatsu no Harem [01][1080P][简繁内封]

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