[ATS] Shaman King (2021) - 12 (1080P)[6EC8FCE6] - Ren vs. En, The End of the Tao.mkv

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Date Submitted18/06/2021 07:04
Series (!)Shaman King (2021) - Episode 12 (of 52): Ren vs. En: The End of the Tao
CommentVisit: https://animotvslash.blogspot.com
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File Name (Size)[ATS] Shaman King (2021) - 12 (1080P)[6EC8FCE6] - Ren vs. En, The End of the Tao.mkv (466.5 MB)
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41 comment(s):
18/06/2021 10:47 — Anonymous
Poorly translated heavily watermarked trash. Best to wait for legit high quality subs.
18/06/2021 11:22 — Anonymous
I'm not a little kid who needs it right now, so I always wait for a good one to come out.
Thanks for the warning.
18/06/2021 11:56 — Anonymous
I'm laughing at these two comments 😂😂😂 seriously just how much hatred is inside your heart that you can't remain still without shitting through keyboard to comment such remarks
18/06/2021 12:16 — Anonymous
Just as much hatred that this group has for the anime community as evidenced by their shitty releases and name changes they have used over the years.
18/06/2021 12:23 — Anonymous
It's only you who shit-post comments why don't you sub it yourself so we can see how competent you are. You are all just talk. You don't we check the video and subtitle condition before commenting that show how retarded you are. You are a stupid brat behind a keyboard.
L 18/06/2021 13:02 — Anon
18/06/2021 13:40 — Anonymous
Pro? Are you kidding. Many grup here are not looking for profits like you.
18/06/2021 12:43 — Anonymous
I suggest everyone remember what's fun about anime.  It's no one's job here to babysit a hater.  You can't stop him from talking to himself and playing all the games he wants.  I wouldn't waste my time.
18/06/2021 14:06 — Anon
I suggest  that everyone remembers the history of this group:
Started uploading to nyaa so the streaming sites would grab their watermarked, BS subbed releases.
Started changing their tag to get by the streamer site filters, sometimes using the tag of a legit group.
Got banned from the largest public anime indexer, nyaa.
Started uploading to nyaa as an anon and the files were removed quickly.
Started uploading to the lesser used Anidex so it would be picked up here.

Their releases are so bad that no private tracker will allow them.
18/06/2021 14:30 — Anonymous
To be honest ATS doesn't care anymore about nyaa it has ridiculous fan following and on their Facebook pages they hundred thousand views on daily basis. Nobody gives a shit about what you say. It's been a year since animotvslash is doing it and I've seen a lot of improvement in their translation over the years. If ATS wants they can creating torrent because they are not interested in creating torrent from which they get no profit. Their blog visits are solely because of google search and facebook audience they gathered over the years. People these days are filled with so much hate for others that I can't explain in words. If don't like something don't download it. Don't be a retard and comments stupid things which won't make you great behind the computer
18/06/2021 15:51 — Anonymous
Nyaa is a club. "Trusted" is a joke.
18/06/2021 16:10 — Anon
I see English isn't your native language.
I love this comment "If ATS wants they can creating torrent because they are not interested in creating torrent from which they get no profit."
That shows that you/they are in it for the money.
I looked at the stats of your blog and the views per day isn't that good. But being kicked out of nyaa and having streaming sites try to filter out your releases shows that the majority of people don't want what you put out.

As for your comment " It's been a year since animotvslash is doing it" you also said "I've seen a lot of improvement in their translation over the years."
So you are also a liar since you are still SpringAnimeHD from posts I've seen around the web. All you did was change names just like you do with the group tags.
20/06/2021 19:38 — Anonymous
"People these days are filled with so much hate for others that I can't explain in words."

Your group has been shitting on the anime community for the last 3 years. What do you expect, praise?
20/06/2021 21:38 — Anonymous
Hate can't take a day off.
18/06/2021 13:38 — Anonymous
Add this blog to https://www.blogger.com/report and report it contains adware in it.
18/06/2021 13:42 — Anonymous
use an ad-blocker at the site and report you're an idiot.
18/06/2021 13:58 — Anonymous
This is a pirate community.  But I'll be happy to turn you over to lawyers to pay damages for your copyright violations if it would make you feel better.  Just provide your info.
20/06/2021 21:59 — Anonymous
For those waiting for a legit good version it is available. Fetched from a Nyaa account that allows comments.

Best to avoid SpringAnimeHD in all its many forms, names, and tags. Its constant attacks on the anime community have earned it the reputation it has.
20/06/2021 22:27 — Anonymous
I think I'm going to stop using potatoes -too much waste.  I never found rice satisfying, but it works for most of the world.
20/06/2021 22:45 — Anonymous
If you have waste from potatoes you are doing it wrong. A real waste is grabbing this groups garbage.
20/06/2021 23:57 — Anonymous
I think the secret is  to cook the rice sticky. Some have the idea of making fluffy rice but there's nothing to chew that way.
21/06/2021 01:56 — Blah Blah Blah
"Dance Puppets Dance"
21/06/2021 03:54 — Anonymous
I love the way SpringAnimeHD or as currently tagged [ATS] constantly bumps it's negative reviews here, so more are exposed to them.
21/06/2021 04:04 — Anonymous
I doubt anyone is paying attention. It's just you talking to yourself.
21/06/2021 13:19 — Anonymous
There are several of us listening to what they said. Don't fool yourself by thinking there is only one person here besides you.
21/06/2021 13:27 — Anonymous
There's a lot of obvious pretending going on here.
21/06/2021 14:45 — Anonymous
Just one person pretending there is only one other person here while the rest of us know better.
21/06/2021 14:54 — Anon
Rule 1, when your group is being debased just claim that it is only 1 person doing it and hope the rest of the readers are stupid enough to believe it.
21/06/2021 17:44 — Anonymous
21/06/2021 04:35 — Anonymous
This group is always making drama, they themselves blaspheme, they themselves argue. They're clowns in their own show.
21/06/2021 08:07 — Anonymous
You know, regardless of what either side feels about the other, this is not worth downloading if you speak english (it's like listening to indian customer service). It's as simple as that.
21/06/2021 12:53 — Anonymous
Most don't ask for or rely on others' opinions here. That's why this is so pointless.
21/06/2021 13:11 — Anonymous
It's still worth reminding people how poor this groups releases are and to keep people from forgetting the way it has abused the community with the shyte they have pulled over the years.
If they don't like the backlash they get here they can upload to a site that this place doesn't scrape. Their history shall never be forgotten here.
21/06/2021 17:44 — Anonymous
21/06/2021 13:29 — Anonymous
I expect a lot of noise in open comments.  It's easy to ignore.
21/06/2021 14:43 — Anonymous
Looks like you don't ignore it.
21/06/2021 15:28 — Anonymous
21/06/2021 17:10 — Anonymous
Make a stupid comment get an obviously valid reply.
21/06/2021 17:25 — Anonymous
21/06/2021 17:36 — Anonymous
21/06/2021 14:19 — Anonymous
Comments here are very rare. Usually the first comment a post gets is a newcomer asking for the dead links to be re-uploaded (which is not done here).
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