[ATS] Kaguya-Sama - Love is War S2 - OVA (DVDrip 848X480 X264 AAC).mp4

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Date Submitted21/05/2021 06:00
Series (!)Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Tensai-tachi no Ren'ai Zunousen (2021) - OVA
udp://tracker.opentrackr.org:1337/announceS: 4L: 0C: 93U: 116d, 12hr, 11min ago
http://anidex.moe:6969/announceS: 2L: 0C: 274U: 98d, 12hr, 13min ago
udp://tracker.torrent.eu.org:451/announceS: 2L: 0C: 51U: 116d, 11hr, 59min ago
http://tracker.opentrackr.org:1337/announceS: 0L: 0C: 9U: 1d, 6hr, 17min ago
http://tracker.anirena.com:80/announceScrape failedU: 103d, 15hr ago
udp://ipv4.tracker.harry.lu:80/announceS: 0L: 0C: 0U: 4d, 3hr ago
http://tracker.dler.org:6969/announceScrape failedU: 18hr, 24min ago
http://tracker.internetwarriors.net:1337/announceS: 2L: 0C: 0U: 7hr, 30min ago
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File Name (Size)[ATS] Kaguya-Sama - Love is War S2 - OVA (DVDrip 848X480 X264 AAC).mp4 (155.3 MB)
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27 comment(s):
Q 21/05/2021 10:43 — Anonymous
Do you love yourself more than the anime your uploading ?
21/05/2021 13:33 — Anonymous
That was a fun ep on fan service. A nice treat on a dull day.
21/05/2021 17:52 — Anonymous
The [Weeb Gakuin] release is watermark free.
Best to avoid this groups releases whenever legit alternatives are available.
Sadly, that can be difficult, as they often release under dozens of different tags.
L 21/05/2021 19:18 — Anonymous
The [Weeb Gakuin] release also is a better encode with a higher bit-rate.
21/05/2021 18:00 — Anonymous
Note: Staff deleted the the exact duplicate of this fetched from Nyaa.
21/05/2021 20:37 — Anonymous
I watched both, either will do until a BD. I'm going to keep the ATS for now as it does a couple of the jokes better.
21/05/2021 20:53 — Anonymous
Why the fuck would anybody waste the brain cells needed to watch both versions?

Answer: They would not.

This is the same animotvslash hack that always pops up to defend his blog.
21/05/2021 21:21 — Anonymous
Actually, I've now watched it 3 times. I like anime, the craft of story-telling, and the culture differences.

You can do what you want with your free time, I guess.
22/05/2021 00:45 — Anonymous
This animotvslash retard' who is only interested in tricking streaming sites fetching programs to advertise his site, would of course need to watch an anime several times before he releases his WATERMARKED crap version.
22/05/2021 01:38 — Anonymous
This seems to be the first English subbed version. Was there another one? It would be nice to know where to find earlier releases.
22/05/2021 01:41 — Anonymous
Have you read the comment from (Yesterday 19:18 — Anonymous) with the link in it ?
22/05/2021 01:52 — Anonymous
Weeb was 10 hours after this one, if you check the AT time stamp. So there wasn't another?
22/05/2021 01:55 — Anonymous
I guess 9 hours is closer.
22/05/2021 01:58 — Anonymous
I guess common sense isn't too common
22/05/2021 02:04 — Anonymous
True, anyone who downloads this groups crap doesn't have any common sense.
22/05/2021 02:38 — Anonymous
I think the true purpose of comments is to make the people who pay for and run AT think that it is something that should continue.  Sour comments can't be helping that.  How ironic if obsession about one site ended this one instead because it no longer seemed like the people here were worth the effort.
22/05/2021 02:47 — Anonymous
Sorry, but when people see crappy releases many are bound to speak up about it.
If you don't like the comments about this group convince this group to quit uploading to AniDex.
It's obvious they are now uploading there to get their crap posted here.
22/05/2021 03:03 — Anonymous
Actually, most people ignore the stuff they don't want and attend to the stuff they do.  It's just weirdos who want to dictate what others can do.
22/05/2021 05:12 — Anonymous
The reason why many fansub softsub is because they are not sure what the translation will be, so that someone wants to improve the subtitles with a new video. Hardsubs and watermarks like this is final, nothing is fixed. The translation of this group is bad after all.
22/05/2021 08:46 — Anonymous
If that topic interests you, notice that thanks to bandwidth we've moved out of the time of sending out subs patches and into the era of v2 releases instead.  So softsubbed are pointless. They're just a habit that's likely to die out.  I haven't used a subs patch in years.
22/05/2021 09:07 — Anonymous
Multi language releases may keep them going at the commercial level.
22/05/2021 12:29 — Anonymous
Most of the newer groups don't know how to make the patches, that's why you don't see them hardly any anymore.
They don't care to learn just like many people don't want to learn XDCC.
22/05/2021 15:34 — Anonymous
It's probably just as well.  Trusting exe files in a download was probably never a good idea.  And it's faster and easier to just re- download the mkvs.
22/05/2021 12:39 — Anonymous
That's not the real reason for softsub. Most of the good groups encode the video while they are working on the subs (timing, typeset, grammar etc). You do see just sub files offered by some people here. Also softsub is the only way to go when making dual audio.

You are right about hardsubs being a poor choice unless your device is antiquated and can't handle softsubs.

22/05/2021 12:51 — Anon
You are correct. Most of the better groups have different people that do different parts of release. One does encoding, one or more take care of the subs, then usually there one or two that do quality checks before being released. It's a group effort to put out a quality product unlike this shit show group.
22/05/2021 15:31 — Anonymous
I don't expect much of "groups" these days, which is just as well.  If they can find someone to translate the OP and EN, that's enough.  The few mods they do to dialogue would have been fine left alone and sometimes they're just goofy, like flan and LinkedIn.

Good news for all, since translators have always been hard to find.
22/05/2021 19:53 — Anonymous
It's a good thing to warn potential down loaders of problematic subs.
This groups bad reputation is based on hundreds of negative comments posted here.(and many other anime sites)
They have not improved or changed their deceptive practices which make their reputation well deserved.
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