[ARC] Texhnolyze

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Date Submitted19/10/2021 21:34
Series (!)Texhnolyze
udp://tracker.opentrackr.org:1337/announceS: 6L: 2C: 37U: 231d, 21hr, 10min ago
udp://tracker.coppersurfer.tk:6969/announceScrape failedU: 252d, 7hr, 54min ago
http://nyaa.tracker.wf:7777/announceScrape failedU: 231d, 20hr, 37min ago
udp://open.stealth.si:80/announceS: 5L: 1C: 159U: 231d, 20hr, 21min ago
90.81 MB
101.5 MB
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1.240 GB
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13 comment(s):
19/10/2021 21:51 — Anonymous
Can please let this one pass? Seems to be the best quality yet for this series
19/10/2021 21:56 — Anonymous
It says it's a dvdrip at 720p, dvds are not 720p, they are 576p at best so this may be an upscale.
Upscales suck at best.
23/10/2021 06:57 — Anonymous
Very true. Still, there's hope that this release is better than the existing ones. As we're probably never getting a proper (non-upscaled) BD release... (there's this one from Germany: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HCN5MS9/ but I'm 100% sure it's an upscale: why otherwise would the BD's only be released in Germany and not in Japan?)
20/10/2021 02:29 — Anonymous
I haven't watched this release yet, but <a href"https://releases.moe/">Smoke's Index</a> recommends this.
Q 20/10/2021 13:53 — Anonymous
The link to the torrent file is offline.
Why was it hosted on tmpfiles.org (?) anyway? And not on animetosho.org?
Here is a link to the torrent file.
(Or just use the magnet link.)
20/10/2021 13:56 — Anonymous
Okay bold and link doesn't work together.
Here is the link.
21/10/2021 01:02 — admin
You forgot to close off the quote in your first link, and forgot the colon after 'https' in the second, so neither work unfortunately.

Here is a fixed version

Thanks for sharing!
21/10/2021 01:32 — Anonymous
I copy and pasted wrong not once but twice...
Very cool superpower...
20/10/2021 15:54 — Anonymous
Animetosho.org is just a mirror site. Most of the uploads are from Nyaa or AniDex.
Q 20/10/2021 20:20 — Anonymous
Yeah, but the .torrent file is usually hosted on this site.
So why not here?
The "Torrent Download" leads for other uploads to https://animetosho.org/storage/torrent/<hash>/<name>.torrent
20/10/2021 21:45 — Anonymous
If I'm not mistaken AT doesn't actually store it, it acts as a go between.
When an uploader kills his torrent on Nyaa, Anidex or TT  AT doesn't get it anymore because it's not there.
But AT does keep the magnet.
21/10/2021 01:07 — admin
AT does store most torrents - if it links to the animetosho.org domain, it's stored on AT servers.
The problem with this one is that it was posted to tmpfiles.org then deleted before it was fetched here (perhaps due to the intent of the TT post being to get AT to fetch it?) so the bot could not mirror the torrent. The fetch process can proceed with just the magnet link, but obviously the torrent link above will just point to the original source.

(torrents can also be fetched from the magnet link with a tool like aria2)
23/10/2021 14:59 — Anonymous
I just compared a still from episode 1: this release vs. "Texhnolyze [Dual Audio][10bit HEVC][720p][MeGaTroN]", which is also 720p. In my subjective opinion, this one is slightly sharper/has a bit more details than the MeGaTroN release.
Of course it's just one still from one episode, so caveat emptor and all that.
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