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Date Submitted14/04/2021 15:33
Series (!)Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no Shinpan - Episode 14 (of 24): Farewell, Seven Deadly Sins
CommentEarly Release By ANIMOTVSLASH
udp://tracker.opentrackr.org:1337/announceS: 49L: 8C: 1U: 23d, 14hr, 13min ago
http://anidex.moe:6969/announceS: 26L: 0C: 539U: 3d, 8hr, 47min ago
udp://tracker.torrent.eu.org:451/announceScrape failedU: 12hr, 45min ago
http://tracker.anirena.com:80/announceScrape failedU: 10d, 4hr, 52min ago
http://nyaa.tracker.wf:7777/announceScrape failedU: 21hr, 51min ago
udp://open.stealth.si:80/announceS: 23L: 1C: 536U: 12hr, 17min ago
File Name (Size)[ANIMOTVSLASH]_Nanatsu_no_Taizai_Fundo_no_Shinpan_-_14_[720p].mp4 (214.1 MB)
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42 comment(s):
14/04/2021 15:38 — Anonymous
In before the dude posts it's not found on Nyaa.   8-))
14/04/2021 15:59 — Anonymous
Just saves internet speed kkkkkkkk.
14/04/2021 16:27 — Anonymous
This is currently on Nyaa with 63 seeds and 200 downloads so far.  So thanks for your disinformation.
14/04/2021 16:35 — Anonymous
There's only one active file so far at nyaa. Where are they? So thanks for your disinformation.
14/04/2021 17:12 — Anonymous
Read the Nyaa page, dimwit.
14/04/2021 17:15 — Anonymous
Sorry, I meant leechers.

So how about giving up on
your obsession?  It's not like your helping anything.
14/04/2021 17:24 — Anonymous
Why help for a site full of advertisements on its blog? And full of watermarks on two corner?
14/04/2021 19:29 — Anonymous
So how about giving up on your obsession of defending this group's crappy releases?
14/04/2021 19:35 — Anonymous
I've never defended this group.  I'm just tired of the silly obsession about them.  On the bright side, I don't expect anyone pays any attention to the comments anyways.  But be sure to list this activity in your resume.
15/04/2021 01:55 — Anonymous
This group is far from the concept of fansubs, fansubs are not illegal if they don't make money. Meanwhile, they expect money.
15/04/2021 02:39 — Anonymous
So why should I care?
15/04/2021 03:06 — Anonymous
But you're here, you care.
15/04/2021 03:36 — Anonymous
Not about this silly profit/money argument.  People get charged with violating copyright, not making money, and everything at this site some would consider violating copyright regardless of where you live.  Including fansub ass files.

So, who cares?  You didn't know you were a pirate?
15/04/2021 03:40 — Anonymous
15/04/2021 03:41 — Anonymous
don't care.
15/04/2021 03:42 — Anonymous
Subsplease isn't a fansub.  Very little is anymore.
15/04/2021 03:46 — Anonymous
But they don't turn their release into money machines.
14/04/2021 19:26 — Anonymous
And it's currently gone, just like the OP said it would be.
I'll wait for a good release since I don't need to see the crappy version right now.
15/04/2021 01:56 — Anonymous
Look like this file has deleted at nyaa, kkkkkkk
15/04/2021 02:45 — Anonymous
I don't know what rule they broke, unless there's proof this is a remake.

This Nyaa is less arbitrary than the previous, which is good.
15/04/2021 03:05 — Anonymous
That's an easy one to answer. Watermarks are against the rules for one, they make trash subs, the group was banned but they kept changing their tag to get by it and now they just upload as an anon and after it's been reported the torrent gets the axe.
They are despised by most of the regular members.
15/04/2021 03:38 — Anonymous
"Remakes which add watermarks or such are not allowed."

I don't see any other watermark rules at Nyaa.

Yeah, Doki was banned for a long time too.
15/04/2021 03:46 — Anonymous
And this group adds watermarks. When you add watermarks it is a remake.
15/04/2021 03:48 — Anonymous
What/where is the original then?  Adding subs to unsubbed raws is mostly what Nyaa does, and that isn't what a remake is.
15/04/2021 03:49 — Anonymous
The conditions for bakedfish were better than this group. and they are both remake.
15/04/2021 03:52 — Anonymous
Bakedfish referred to a hardsub of Horrible.

Adding subs to unsubbed raws isn't what a remake is.

There's no point in going on when you don't know what terms mean or the rules of Nyaa.
15/04/2021 03:55 — Anonymous
Who said this group uses its own subtitles? 85 percent of their releases are taken from subsplease and others, only 15 percent of their remake subtitles are uploaded to her.
15/04/2021 04:11 — Anonymous
This isn't about remakes or adding even these poor subs, it's about adding the watermarks.
It's against the rules to watermark the video with your website or group tag.
15/04/2021 15:46 — Anonymous
Your one shot at credibility is long gone.  You're a pampered pirate who hates watermarks and makes up what he wants.  I doubt comments matter to anyone.  And I expect such downloads will continue to be available here for anyone who wants them.  How often will you have to lose before  you know you're a loser?  I'd say it's a waste if I thought you could have done better.
15/04/2021 15:59 — Anon
What are you on about? I'm not the anon you replied to but,
No matter what you say this groups watermarked releases will continue to be deleted on NYAA.
I'm not a 'pampered pirate', I just don't download shyte releases like this group puts out.
I'm not a "loser", I'm a winner since I avoid shyte releases like this group does.
15/04/2021 16:05 — Anonymous
Fix, this guy owner of animotvloser, hahahaha
15/04/2021 17:19 — Anonymous
Today 15:46 — Anonymous
"I doubt comments matter to anyone."

Then why are you here standing up for these crap quality releases? As long as these crappy releases show up here people are going to bad talk them and your defending them won't change that.
17/04/2021 22:03 — Anonymous
animotvslash is despised due to their deceptive practices not their watermark.
I often watch anime on streaming sites that have watermarks.

If they were not constantly posting under newly made up tags & newly created accounts meant to trick people into downloadig just so they might be exposed to their tag before deleting the file and looking for a legit groups subs.

All they need to do is post all their releases under the same tag from the same account so that they granted the downloader freedom of choice and stop all this tricfukery shit to gain some respect.
17/04/2021 22:17 — Anonymous
The only time they will gain respect is when they disband.
17/04/2021 22:32 — Anonymous
Actually they didn't start using deception until after their watermarked and crappy subbed releases were being deleted and their name being banned from Nyaa.
They started out as SpringAnimeHD and was mainly uploaded and pushed by 7deadlysiner.
18/04/2021 00:42 — Anonymous
That makes more sense.
18/04/2021 01:19 — Anonymous
Subtitles indded crappy, but as a fansub, they have gone off track, turning releases into money machine. That's why criticism like above is a way for respect them.
18/04/2021 02:06 — Anonymous
It's great that AT saves us from the Nyaa monoculture bias.
18/04/2021 02:18 — Anonymous
I should add, I didn't get that before, but now I totally get that.
18/04/2021 02:37 — Anonymous
Yes, the vast majority of people that download don't want watermarked garbage. If you want watermarked garbage stick to streaming sites.
18/04/2021 04:52 — Anonymous
"Actually they didn't start using deception until after their watermarked and crappy subbed releases were being deleted and their name being banned from Nyaa.
They started out as SpringAnimeHD and was mainly uploaded and pushed by 7deadlysiner."
They use the same deceptive practices at AniDex where they are not banned.
18/04/2021 12:33 — Anonymous
AniDex doesn't pay any attention to what gets uploaded there, the owner only pays attention to MangaDex. You must be new to what the history of this group is, it's been going on for a few years now, it's not something new.
The point is if there were no watermarks it would not be deleted on Nyaa even with the crappy subs. The watermarks is what is in violation of Nyaa rules.
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