Night Head 2041

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It is said that humans don't use about 70% of their brains. It is believed that the mysterious powers some humans exhibit come from that part of the brain. There is a term for the 70% of the brain that doesn't get used... "NIGHT HEAD." Two men awaken in a forest. Cast out of society because of their psychic powers, two brothers named Kirihara Naoto and Naoya were kept in a research lab for psychics for the last 15 years. They hope that the reason they were able to leave the lab is because people were ready to accept and welcome psychics as a part of society, just like they were told by the head of the lab, Mikuriya Kyoujirou. But what they found was Tokyo in the year 2041, where not only was the existence of mental energy completely denied, but anything from books or visuals depicting supernatural phenomena, including psychics, were completely censored. The National Security Headquarters is tasked with upholding that idea of physicalism and protect the nation by reprimanding anyone with dangerous thoughts. On the elite special task force in charge of this were two brothers. Kuroki Takuya and Yuuya were abandoned by their parents when they were young and taken in by the task force. They believed that supernatural phenoma just didn't exist and never questioned their duty to chase down any dangerous criminal who thought otherwise, but one day during a mission, they meet a woman named Futami Shouko. "The barrier has been broken." Takuya and Yuuya end up encountering the wandering Naoto and Naoya, as though they were guided to the psychic brothers by Shouko's words. Brothers who flee, and the brothers who chase them... The story of two sets of brothers being controlled by their destinies is about to begin.

Source: crunchyroll
2021, TV Series, 12 episode(s)
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Alternative version: Night Head Genesis

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