Mirai Shounen Conan II: Taiga Adventure

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An adventure story about "Ooparts Egg" and a huge stone statue called "Oobats" which was excavated from the remains of ancient times around two thousand years ago.

Taiga travels around the world with his father, archeologist Dr. Daino. They come to South America to investigate ancient ruins discovered by treasure hunters. There they find a stone statue of a gigantic bird which is more than 50 metres long. How was this statue made more than 20,000 years ago? Who made it and for what purpose? To their surprise, the stone bird wakes up and flies away before their very eyes. They discover that this stone bird is called "Oobats" and that when it has "Ooparts Egg", it becomes a dangerous weapon which could destroy the whole universe. The stone bird in the ruins wakes up and flies away to seek Ooparts Egg! Taiga must not allow this to happen...

Source: AnimeNfo
1999-2000, TV Series, 24 episode(s)
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