Meitantei Conan: Joshikousei Tantei Suzuki Sonoko no Jikenbo

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Sonoko is writing the script for a charity-related play: a murder case takes place and the high school detective Suzuki Sonoko appears out of nowhere to solve it.

There is only one problem, the script is unfinished, and Sonoko has no idea who the murderer is, and why the crime was committed. The play will be performed next week. But with all the other necessary preparations going on, the script needs to be done today, and Sonoko plans to use the expertise of a real detective, like Kogorou, to finish it.

Ai finds serious flaws in the deductive chain of the plot. And so Ran decides to call Kogorou, who comes up with the exact same hair-raising idea Sonoko already uses in her script. No help here! In desperation Ran asks Shin'ichi for help with the script... luckily the Detective Boys are also there to help out.

— written by foo2
Parent story: Meitantei Conan

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