Meitantei Conan: Excalibur no Kiseki

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Professor Agasa asks Conan for a special favour: to come over to the Beika baseball park, where Ai and Agasa are already waiting.

Here, Minae a baseball-playing young girl tries to compete in an otherwise all-boys team, but has a hard time of it. According to the coach she only seems to be lacking a bit of self-confidence. On her way back to the bench she stumbles over a baseball bat that the legendary player Matsui Hideki rammed into the ground. Supposedly any player who swings this bat gains the strength of a real baseball player, and with it any ball can be hit. Time for Conan to take fate into his own hands... for Minae's sake.

— written by foo2

Note: A special Detective Conan and Excalibur crossover. Detective Conan author Aoyama Goushou created the Excalibur short story about a baseball-playing young girl who tries to obtain a legendary bat. The DVD was available to subscribers of certain Shogakukan magazines, where the order form was included. For example in Shounen Sunday the form was included from the 11.04 issue to the 06.06 issue and the deadline to send in the form to get the DVD was 20.06.2012.
Parent story: Meitantei Conan

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