Macross Plus Movie Edition

* Remake of the four-part Macross Plus OVA series.

In 2040 AD the Earth and its colonies are flourishing due to significant advancements in technology. And also in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) major strides have been taken. Uncanny proof of this is the almost completely artificial singer Sharon Apple — currently the most popular performing artist. The only thing Sharon is still missing are actual feelings, which have to be provided by the less talented, but very much human Myung Fang Lone.

Sharon's next concert is planned to take place on the planet Eden, where at the same time two fighter pilots — Isamu Dyson and Guld Bowman — are fiercely competing in transforming super-stealth aircraft, that they are test-piloting for rival companies. Trying to convince the military buyers, that their tech is superior.

Isamu, Guld and Myung were once childhood friends but after an accident seven years ago they parted ways. The arrival of Myung on Eden — a mutual ex-girlfriend of the pilots — adds more tension to the conflict. And when an unstable and illegal AI component is installed in Sharon the situation starts to get very dangerous.

Note: Shown on a double bill together with Macross 7: Ginga ga Ore o Yonde Iru. This anime uses the source material from the OVA, with some parts cut and others added.

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