Houma Hunter Lime

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"Behind the Moon there is a door, a passage between the Magic World and the world where humans live. This door opens once a month, just as it has since the beginning of time. Sorcerers from the Magic World have always used this door, to make peaceful visits to the human world. But now the precious Magic Gems have been stolen and released on Earth which threatens their peace. The King of Magic sent Bass, the master fighter, Lime, the master transformer and the master morpher Pugi, to recover the Magic Gems, before disaster strikes." — intro

Lime still does not forgive Bass for his blunder of accidentally scattering the six Magic Gems all over Tokyo, when pursuing the demon who stole them. Bass on the other hand thinks that Lime's skimpy outfit and her wings certainly do not help to blend in with the humans. It is now up to them to quickly find the Magic Gems before they turn into monsters:

Mr. Candle hates humans for their use of electricity and plans to bring darkness to Japan; Mr. Purse is actually friendly and was brought about due to the wide-spread use of credit cards; Mr. C. Ringe, a needle, is angry about the fact that humans fear needles.

— written by foo2
1996-1997, OVA, 3 episode(s)
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