Doraemon: Nobita no Uchuu Kaitakushi

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When trying to flee from thugs in outer space, a boy named Ropuru warps his spaceship under dangerous conditions and ends up creating a rift in time and space. The breach opens a portal between Ropuru's spacecraft and Nobita's room. Doraemon and Nobita inevitably meet Ropuru and his small buddy Chammy. Quickly they all become friends. After fixing their ship, they end up going to Ropuru's new home planet, Koya Koya. The boy is part of a colonizing group that is being harassed by a gang of villains interested in special crystals which the planet is abundant of. Nobita and Doraemon then decide to help the colonists in their fight to live peacefully in this new homeland.

Source: ANN

Note: Screened as a double feature with Kaibutsu-kun: Kaibutsu Land e no Shoutai.
1981, Movie, 1 episode(s)
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