Bobby ni Kubittake

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* Based on a short story by Kataoka Yoshio.

The 17-year-old Nomura Akihiko, called Bobby, is an underachieving high school kid with a deep love for motorcycles. His grades are failing, and his father, traditional and strict, is trying everything he can think of to get the kid to apply for college. His mother is so silent, she might as well not even exist. Really, his support system lies entirely in his twinkle-toed little sister, the 14-year-old Keiko, who is nosy but cheers him on in her own way.

Bobby really does little else but work on his bike. His most recent achievement seems to have been getting photos of himself on a road trip printed in a motorcyclist hobby magazine. This leads to an unexpected result: A girl his age, Nakahara Sakumi, who picked up that issue on a whim, decides to write him a letter. A romantic letter...

Note: Shown on a double bill with Kamui no Ken.
1985, Movie, 1 episode(s)
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