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The date is September 3, 2112. Doraemon, a robot cat with initially a yellow body in addition to a much higher voice and ears, is manufactured at the Matsushiba Robot Factory. During Doraemon's manufacturing process, there are two terrorists escaping from the Japanese police by time warp. This causes the electricity supply of the Robot Factory to short circuit. While Doraemon is still on the assembly line, a burst of electricity hits him and he falls into the industrial garbage. Luckily, Noramyaako, a female robotic cat, saves him from the blast furnace. Of course Doraemon immediately falls for Noramyaako's charms.

When Doraemon begins his training together with all the other robotic cats from the same production line, he keeps failing to pass the various tests, apparently due to the accident in production. But his "maker" has a kind heart and sends him to a class of unusual robots, where Doraemon meets Noramyaako again...

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Note: The movie can be seen as a prequel to the entire series, it shows the life of Doraemon before travelling to the 20th century.
1995, Movie, 1 episode(s)
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