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HashesCRC32: A2C39461, MD5: 846F73F05FCBE340355D11B1AF50353C, SHA1: 0E5D21159D8CC4029D9AB43E217B3B9C62472546, SHA256: 89F63895F2E5AB5DCFCB9746141516A0CB96F2DA7D3CB4E606518538D943B913, ED2K: 434A9E9FF1D81E6372486FE938FF68D9
Additional Info
[Script Info]
; Script generated by Aegisub 3.2.2
Title: Default Aegisub file
ScriptType: v4.00+
WrapStyle: 0
ScaledBorderAndShadow: yes
YCbCr Matrix: TV.601
PlayResX: 1280
PlayResY: 720

[Aegisub Project Garbage]
Audio File: ../../Vids to get translated/WIP/Priority 1 (Devidol)/[Ohys-Raws] Devidol! - 08 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4
Video File: ../../Vids to get translated/WIP/Priority 1 (Devidol)/[Ohys-Raws] Devidol! - 08 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4
Video AR Mode: 4
Video AR Value: 1.777778
Video Zoom Percent: 0.750000
Scroll Position: 129
Active Line: 133
Video Position: 20055

[V4+ Styles]
Format: Name, Fontname, Fontsize, PrimaryColour, SecondaryColour, OutlineColour, BackColour, Bold, Italic, Underline, StrikeOut, ScaleX, ScaleY, Spacing, Angle, BorderStyle, Outline, Shadow, Alignment, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Encoding
Style: Frank Subs,Arial,40,&H00FFFFFF,&H000000FF,&H00000000,&H00000000,-1,0,0,0,100,100,0,0,1,2.2,2.4,2,10,10,50,1

Format: Layer, Start, End, Style, Name, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Effect, Text
Dialogue: 0,0:01:25.03,0:01:29.27,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,English Subtitles by Aozora Translations
Dialogue: 0,0:01:29.27,0:01:30.50,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,This video will not be available as blue-ray by January of next year!!
Dialogue: 0,0:01:33.98,0:01:39.52,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Imagine this! You're walking along a road, and a mic appears in front of you!
Dialogue: 0,0:01:39.99,0:01:41.46,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay, I'm imagining it!
Dialogue: 0,0:01:41.69,0:01:43.69,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay, I am visualizing it as well!
Dialogue: 0,0:01:44.12,0:01:47.64,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay, so? Does that give you an uneasy feeling?
Dialogue: 0,0:01:47.89,0:01:55.34,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I mean a scenario like this would be quite rare, I think the rapper would be more concerned than me!
Dialogue: 0,0:01:55.68,0:02:00.16,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay let's level it up then! A beret and a camera appears, what then?
Dialogue: 0,0:02:00.57,0:02:05.47,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Hm..."Has this thing been to battlefields!?" is what I would be thinking.
Dialogue: 0,0:02:05.71,0:02:08.51,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Right right, me too! Then what about this?
Dialogue: 0,0:02:08.79,0:02:12.63,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,You saw some cut blonde hair and a leather jacket on the ground!
Dialogue: 0,0:02:12.97,0:02:15.72,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Could it be a yankee* who's a Japanese citizen? (*"Yankee" is a slang term in Japanese to refer to Japanese people and foreigners who dress like Americans, with things like leather jackets and jeans.)
Dialogue: 0,0:02:16.08,0:02:19.78,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,So close! It wasn't a domestic yankee, but rather the son of a pro boxer!
Dialogue: 0,0:02:19.97,0:02:22.10,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Why would they be targeted?
Dialogue: 0,0:02:22.75,0:02:26.84,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I mean can't you figure out what kind of person they are from these parts alone?
Dialogue: 0,0:02:27.10,0:02:32.36,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,It's so easy to see what kind of personality they have, right!?
Dialogue: 0,0:02:32.94,0:02:35.36,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,It does indeed seem so!
Dialogue: 0,0:02:35.54,0:02:42.41,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,And I'd figure the three of us need some kind of costume that screams "hey, we're cute idols"!
Dialogue: 0,0:02:42.73,0:02:48.30,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,That's actually a great idea! It's expected nowadays that idols all wear a matching outfit!
Dialogue: 0,0:02:48.54,0:02:55.62,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Right! And there's some idols who hide their faces, right? So what if we wore biker helmets to compete with them?
Dialogue: 0,0:02:55.62,0:02:58.99,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,IT'S LIKE WE'RE A BIKER GANG! Why would we do that!?
Dialogue: 0,0:02:59.35,0:03:03.27,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,But if we make it cute, it shouldn't be a problem!
Dialogue: 0,0:03:03.65,0:03:06.18,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,OUR FACES AND BODIES ARE POLAR OPPOSITES!!
Dialogue: 0,0:03:06.57,0:03:08.57,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I think it would set a new trend!
Dialogue: 0,0:03:08.66,0:03:12.37,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay, what if we perform as idols who hide behind foggy glass?
Dialogue: 0,0:03:12.54,0:03:15.80,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,This one's all gray as well, would you stop already?
Dialogue: 0,0:03:16.05,0:03:20.08,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Let's go steal some glass, and then steal a bike to get away!
Dialogue: 0,0:03:20.36,0:03:23.15,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Can you not say it like it's a easter egg hunt?
Dialogue: 0,0:03:23.53,0:03:25.58,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Let's not ruin our lives with this!
Dialogue: 0,0:03:25.58,0:03:28.91,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay then, what if we used a mob of people to form our bodies?
Dialogue: 0,0:03:28.91,0:03:33.26,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Then anyone could pretend to be us! WHAT'S THE POINT OF US EVEN BEING THERE!?
Dialogue: 0,0:03:34.00,0:03:37.81,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,However, Shima! If we zoom into the collage even more...
Dialogue: 0,0:03:38.48,0:03:40.20,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Right, isn't it amazing!?
Dialogue: 0,0:03:40.48,0:03:44.61,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,THIS IMAGE IS TOO LOW-REZ TO SEE ANYTHING!!
Dialogue: 0,0:03:44.93,0:03:52.41,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I mean, can we stop trying to do things that hide our faces!? We need to be MORE idol-like, not less!
Dialogue: 0,0:03:52.66,0:03:58.94,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,But more importantly than idols, I'd like to become cute! Do things like wearing fluffy dresses!
Dialogue: 0,0:03:59.25,0:04:03.30,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Being more like a duck egg?
Dialogue: 0,0:04:03.55,0:04:08.91,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,How in the hell is a duck egg fluffy!? Are you right in the head Aila!?
Dialogue: 0,0:04:09.25,0:04:11.43,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Then what about being shiny?
Dialogue: 0,0:04:11.69,0:04:13.43,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Being shiny...
Dialogue: 0,0:04:13.86,0:04:19.85,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Taking used one-day contact lens and using them to make a about that!
Dialogue: 0,0:04:19.85,0:04:25.43,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,But collecting enough used one-day contacts, how many years would that take?
Dialogue: 0,0:04:25.54,0:04:31.23,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Why are you entertaining her, Hana? It's clearly an idea that's doomed to fail!
Dialogue: 0,0:04:31.41,0:04:39.22,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,But the longer we prepare for our debut, the larger of a success story our fans will talk about!
Dialogue: 0,0:04:39.22,0:04:49.16,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,BUT NO ONE WOULD EVEN THINK TO CALL THAT A SUCCESS STORY!! An idol storing used contacts, fans waiting for years, they're both terrible ideas!
Dialogue: 0,0:04:49.16,0:04:56.48,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,But thinking again, it seems like we can't be shiny after all! Contact lens shrivel up when exposed to air!
Dialogue: 0,0:04:56.59,0:04:58.59,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Ah...'guess we can't do it then!
Dialogue: 0,0:04:58.59,0:05:03.83,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,SO I'LL JUST SAY IT AGAIN!! PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES FOR ONCE!!!
Dialogue: 0,0:05:04.52,0:05:08.65,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Why are you two so set on ideas that would surely lead us to failure!?
Dialogue: 0,0:05:08.84,0:05:17.56,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I mean, although it wasn't an idol, a foreigner artist dressed up in raw meat! It had quite the impact!
Dialogue: 0,0:05:18.06,0:05:22.04,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Well to one-up that idea, how about this?
Dialogue: 0,0:05:22.21,0:05:29.60,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I also dress up in meat, but in my right collarbone is sesame sauce, and in my left is soy sauce! And then I eat some shabu-shabu(grilled meat)!
Dialogue: 0,0:05:29.87,0:05:35.79,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,"Enjoying shabu-shabu whenever I want" will become a new type of idol, right?
Dialogue: 0,0:05:36.00,0:05:43.54,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,What a great idea! We should come up with more variations! And we'll need a head piece as well!
Dialogue: 0,0:05:43.54,0:05:49.54,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,CAN WE STOP TALKING ABOUT SHABU-SHABU!? Food has no business being paired with clothes!
Dialogue: 0,0:05:49.54,0:05:55.04,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I suppose we should do something simpler, like us dressing up as animal mascots!
Dialogue: 0,0:05:55.21,0:06:02.14,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,They look terrible! Plus our faces are still hidden! It's like you're on a different planet!
Dialogue: 0,0:06:02.56,0:06:05.18,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Shima, that is simply incorrect.
Dialogue: 0,0:06:05.71,0:06:09.46,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,What's going on? You're talking differently, are you being possessed?
Dialogue: 0,0:06:10.06,0:06:12.12,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I just noticed it!
Dialogue: 0,0:06:12.72,0:06:17.62,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,No matter what we wear, true beauty lives within our hearts!
Dialogue: 0,0:06:18.09,0:06:27.58,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,What we are doing now, it's not about beautiful outfits! But rather the true beauty, that lies within us all! Am I wrong?
Dialogue: 0,0:06:28.07,0:06:34.47,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Whilst I understand your angelic speech, your sudden change in mood really freaked me out!
Dialogue: 0,0:06:34.70,0:06:44.43,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Shima-chan, it seems our approach was wrong! Like Aila-chan was saying, let us simply listen to the voice of our hearts!
Dialogue: 0,0:06:44.43,0:06:48.10,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Isn't that our destiny, as idols?
Dialogue: 0,0:06:48.63,0:06:52.41,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,WE'RE DEVILS FOR F***'S SAKE, HOW'D YOU FORGET THAT!?!?
Dialogue: 0,0:06:55.27,0:06:56.58,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Devidol!
Dialogue: 0,0:06:59.02,0:07:02.77,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Everyone! Before we begin, there's an important announcement!
Dialogue: 0,0:07:02.98,0:07:10.00,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,My very own mother, has grown to enjoy this program! So let's give this our all!
Dialogue: 0,0:07:10.47,0:07:16.37,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Today's topic is: News Broadcasts! They're how the average salaryman finds out about idols!
Dialogue: 0,0:07:16.37,0:07:19.38,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,So today, you three will become newscasters!
Dialogue: 0,0:07:19.38,0:07:20.73,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,"Newscasters"?
Dialogue: 0,0:07:20.73,0:07:26.87,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Nowadays, news networks will often report on the status of popular idols!
Dialogue: 0,0:07:27.02,0:07:29.64,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,So please take this seriously!
Dialogue: 0,0:07:29.64,0:07:32.51,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I've always wanted to be a news announcer!
Dialogue: 0,0:07:32.51,0:07:34.17,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I'll do that, okay?
Dialogue: 0,0:07:38.29,0:07:41.46,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Good evening. It is time for the 1 O'clock news.
Dialogue: 0,0:07:42.13,0:07:48.22,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Breaking News. A criminal has locked themselves in their room and is being talked to by police! To you, Aila-san!
Dialogue: 0,0:07:48.58,0:07:57.12,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay, this is reporter Aila! Despite the encouragement by police, the criminal in question is still barricaded in their room!
Dialogue: 0,0:07:57.56,0:08:03.49,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,They're saying, "I don't wanna go to the dentist, I don't want any crowns. I can do it myself!" and more...
Dialogue: 0,0:08:03.79,0:08:04.66,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,WHO THE HELL CARES!?
Dialogue: 0,0:08:04.66,0:08:10.80,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,The police are continuing in their effort to convince them that dentists aren't so bad.
Dialogue: 0,0:08:11.12,0:08:13.61,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay! Thank you, reporter Aila!
Dialogue: 0,0:08:13.97,0:08:16.74,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,And now the weather report! Hana-san!
Dialogue: 0,0:08:17.15,0:08:20.25,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay! This is Hana of the weather team!
Dialogue: 0,0:08:21.71,0:08:23.30,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,This footage sucks...
Dialogue: 0,0:08:23.81,0:08:29.82,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Today's weather is similar to yesterday, but please take a look!
Dialogue: 0,0:08:30.25,0:08:34.36,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,WHAT MAP IS THAT!? IT LOOKS NICE BUT MAKES NO SENSE!
Dialogue: 0,0:08:34.51,0:08:39.50,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,A large naruto(ramen topping) has entered from the south, so please be careful everyone!
Dialogue: 0,0:08:39.50,0:08:41.16,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?
Dialogue: 0,0:08:41.52,0:08:48.28,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,As for tomorrow's weather, it will be sunny with some scattered Tetris showers in the afternoon!
Dialogue: 0,0:08:49.58,0:08:50.87,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,YOU GUYS ARE USELESS!
Dialogue: 0,0:08:51.06,0:08:53.85,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,And here's tomorrow's blood fortunes(fortune-telling based on blood type)!
Dialogue: 0,0:08:54.75,0:08:59.05,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,For those with type A blood, make sure not to forget your mobile device!
Dialogue: 0,0:08:59.65,0:09:02.52,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Your lucky item is spinach otashi(boiled greens in bonito-flavoured soy sauce)!
Dialogue: 0,0:09:03.40,0:09:10.97,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,For those with type B blood, make sure not to forget your mobile device! Your lucky item is spinach otashi!
Dialogue: 0,0:09:11.14,0:09:12.29,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,THEY'RE THE SAME!
Dialogue: 0,0:09:12.54,0:09:16.44,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,For those with AB blood, they'll see a dream at 5 A.M.!
Dialogue: 0,0:09:16.68,0:09:18.00,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,THAT'S IT!?
Dialogue: 0,0:09:18.17,0:09:19.41,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,For those with type C-
Dialogue: 0,0:09:19.41,0:09:22.74,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,TYPE C!?  Ah, Hana! Thank you very much!
Dialogue: 0,0:09:23.46,0:09:24.54,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Our next program is-
Dialogue: 0,0:09:24.95,0:09:30.11,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Ah...please excuse me. It seems the criminal from earlier has come outside! Aila-san!
Dialogue: 0,0:09:30.56,0:09:34.01,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,This is reporter Aila! The criminal has left their room!
Dialogue: 0,0:09:34.29,0:09:45.03,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,It seems that he is being escorted to the dentist by police. However, per the criminal's demands, there will be no use of needles, and only a simple inspection will take place.
Dialogue: 0,0:09:45.44,0:09:48.93,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,WELL WHO GIVES A DAMN THEN! JUST GO TO THE DENTIST ALREADY!!
Dialogue: 0,0:09:49.18,0:09:52.69,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Thank you so much, Aila-san! That concludes today's news!
Dialogue: 0,0:09:53.78,0:09:55.93,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,ARE YOU FRICKEN' KIDDING ME!?!?!?
Dialogue: 0,0:09:58.42,0:09:59.80,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Devidol!
Dialogue: 0,0:10:02.43,0:10:07.61,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Are ya' ready? Okay, today is your chance to move on!
Dialogue: 0,0:10:08.38,0:10:12.62,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Since this test is 1-on-1, it's your chance to show your knowledge!
Dialogue: 0,0:10:13.17,0:10:15.77,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Last attempt was Aila, and this time is Shima!
Dialogue: 0,0:10:15.87,0:10:20.24,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Saying "last attempt was Aila" doesn't make me feel good about this...oh no...
Dialogue: 0,0:10:20.24,0:10:25.28,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Don't worry she did well! This is for your good, do not complain!
Dialogue: 0,0:10:25.77,0:10:36.71,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,With idols, there are many genres! And in order to stand out, you must be wacky and creative! So please answer these questions in unexpected ways!
Dialogue: 0,0:10:36.71,0:10:38.71,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,So this is what Aila was talking about!
Dialogue: 0,0:10:38.71,0:10:39.76,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Here we go!
Dialogue: 0,0:10:39.76,0:10:44.83,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Question: Type As are organized, Type Bs are lazy. What are Type Os like?
Dialogue: 0,0:10:46.39,0:10:48.20,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,They aren't the brightest!
Dialogue: 0,0:10:48.20,0:10:56.05,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,"They aren't the brightest"...! They really aren't! Even from childhood, they were like that!
Dialogue: 0,0:10:56.43,0:11:00.54,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Question: What did Momotaro give the pig, monkey, and pheasant?
Dialogue: 0,0:11:02.80,0:11:03.61,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Gari-Gari-kun!
Dialogue: 0,0:11:03.61,0:11:06.90,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Gari-Gari-kun...! Correct...!
Dialogue: 0,0:11:07.44,0:11:11.45,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Next! End of the year song contest. Who's going up against the white team?
Dialogue: 0,0:11:12.00,0:11:12.86,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,No one!
Dialogue: 0,0:11:12.86,0:11:16.61,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,"No one"...! Good, good!
Dialogue: 0,0:11:16.78,0:11:20.00,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,What happened to Snow White when she ate an apple?
Dialogue: 0,0:11:20.83,0:11:22.25,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,SHE COULDN'T STOP SMILING!
Dialogue: 0,0:11:26.18,0:11:31.04,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,NOT EVEN CLOSE! NOT EVEN A BIT! That one caught me off guard!
Dialogue: 0,0:11:31.27,0:11:39.40,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Question: When Buddha was born he said "The world is selfish", but what did Ono no Imoko say when he was born?
Dialogue: 0,0:11:41.87,0:11:42.95,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Exactly!
Dialogue: 0,0:11:43.48,0:11:45.12,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,What did Akechi Mitsuhide say?
Dialogue: 0,0:11:47.14,0:11:48.00,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Next...
Dialogue: 0,0:11:48.00,0:11:48.82,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Shall we create a great nation (1192 A.D.)?
Dialogue: 0,0:11:52.79,0:11:54.58,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Good, great job!
Dialogue: 0,0:11:55.16,0:11:56.84,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Where did Princess Kaguya come from?
Dialogue: 0,0:11:56.84,0:11:58.56,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,From a magical realm!
Dialogue: 0,0:11:58.56,0:12:02.50,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Right...just like in Doraemon! Good...
Dialogue: 0,0:12:02.63,0:12:03.35,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay what's this sign-
Dialogue: 0,0:12:03.35,0:12:05.33,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Let's pick up the horse poop!
Dialogue: 0,0:12:05.33,0:12:06.95,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Okay, what's this sign?
Dialogue: 0,0:12:06.95,0:12:09.31,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,"A Japan-exclusive! Drive Forward!"
Dialogue: 0,0:12:09.48,0:12:11.22,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Right! Just ahead...!
Dialogue: 0,0:12:11.22,0:12:15.54,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Next! If Aila was an exchange student in America, what would her nickname be?
Dialogue: 0,0:12:15.92,0:12:18.71,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,"Her hair's red, let's call her 'Red-Hot Chili Peppers'!"
Dialogue: 0,0:12:18.71,0:12:21.71,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,I mean nothing's more red than red chili! Red chili...
Dialogue: 0,0:12:21.96,0:12:24.66,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,What's Shima concerned about this time?
Dialogue: 0,0:12:24.66,0:12:25.62,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,This quiz!
Dialogue: 0,0:12:25.62,0:12:31.57,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Oh is that so? I mean...I think this is quite enjoyable...
Dialogue: 0,0:12:32.48,0:12:35.88,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,What has Hana always treasured since she was a kid?
Dialogue: 0,0:12:36.57,0:12:37.86,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Leftover stocks!
Dialogue: 0,0:12:37.86,0:12:40.31,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,ALLL DONEE!!!
Dialogue: 0,0:12:41.29,0:12:42.18,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,How'd I do?
Dialogue: 0,0:12:42.18,0:12:50.08,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Everyone, they're not doing bad...not bad at all...quite pass!
Dialogue: 0,0:12:50.36,0:12:57.42,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Well, as expected! Uh, I mean HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE TO BECOME IDOLS FROM THIS!?!?!
Dialogue: 0,0:13:41.68,0:13:46.52,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,English Subtitles by Aozora Translations
Dialogue: 0,0:13:49.85,0:13:50.89,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,Next Week:
Dialogue: 0,0:13:56.42,0:13:59.53,Frank Subs,,0,0,0,,9 O' Clock: "A Day as a Police Officer".

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